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Alesha Dixon (44) shines in the final of ‘Got Talent’ with her toned legs

Alesha Dixon whom many of you will know for being one of the presenters of Eurovision this year -yes, the edition in which we were able to see Loreen’s incredible physical transformation over the course of these 11 years-, has shined again in one of his last appearances.

And it is that the multifaceted artist who began his career in 2005as a member of the musical group Mis-Teeq to later start his solo career making us move our hips to the rhythm of ‘The Boy Does Nothing’ has just left us speechless with the spectacular figure that has exhibited in the grand finale of the English edition of Got Talent. An occasion where Alesha Dixon has dazzled those present wearing a black minidress, which completely exposed her toned and kilometer-long slender legs. Sensational.

The outstanding garment devised by the designer Celia Kritharioti, not only manages to silence us due to its ability to endow the mini length with elegance, but also accentuates her waist – evoking Penélope Cruz’s incredible wasp waist when she returned to Madrid – and, at the same time, gives prominence to her super toned legs and slender and, even, to the musculature that could be appreciated in her bare shoulder, thanks to the asymmetrical neckline of the piece.

Alesha Dixon and her incredible toned legs

To achieve strong legs, like the ones Alesha Dixon has sported at 44, it is important to do specific exercises such as, for example, squats, jumping rope, the bridge… a definition that can be strengthened through the running.

However, to achieve some legs as impressive as Alesha Dixon’s your greatest ally will be the elastic bands or dumbbells; They help strengthen and strengthen the muscles of these. All this, under the instructions of his personal trainer, Janet Malinowska. A curiosity? Like Patry Montero or Victoria Beckham, she usually performs the routines with her husband.

And the trainings are just, those responsible for their legs look endless and slender, those that encourage the mini lengths or the openings of maxi dimensions -like the one she wore in Eurovision where she also exposed her abs- have an indisputable and flattering role in her wardrobe.

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