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He paddle It has become the social sport par excellence. It is easy to practice, even if you have never done it before, it does not require a significant investment, except for comfortable sportswear, good shoes, and a shovel, and it is fun, since at least two people are needed, although the ideal is to always play in teams of two. In addition, paddle tennis is a simple way to Burn calories and get in shape for summer, which is getting closer. In an hour of intense paddle tennis you can burn up to 600 calories.

In addition to the physical benefits (you will strengthen the heart, tone the muscles of the legs, arms and buttocks and improve coordination and your reflexes), Jose Maria Clemente Morales, Sales Director of Pro Padel Group, highlights the social contribution of playing paddle tennis. «Being a sport that is practiced as a team, it helps to reinforce the social relationships, sharing time with loved ones, friends or co-workers, and expanding the circles of friendship by being able to meet new people. Of course, the effect that paddle tennis causes on the mental healthsince it releases endorphins that help prevent anxiety and reduce stress.

What you need to know before playing paddle tennis

If you have never practiced it but the bug bites you and you want to try it, first of all it is important that you know a few things. José María Clemente Morales recommends “requesting medical supervision if there is any previous injury. Above all, like tennis, paddle tennis can cause a greater impact on the knees or the elbow of dominant arm. This does not have to stop anyone, but it is convenient to review the type of shovel or shoes to minimize that impact.

Paddle tennis does not require a large outlay, especially at the beginning, when you still do not know if you are going to get hooked, but having a equipement proper is essential. Wear comfortable and breathable clothing, although it is not necessary that they be specific garments for paddle tennis, you have to know that they exist, and that they will help you improve comfort in the most intense matches.

Also pay attention to your sneakersand make sure they have good cushioning, to limit the risk of injury.

Diablo Revolution II Sanyo Pro de Siux paddle tennis racket (350 euros).


And lastly, pick a good one. shovel. «To get the best paddle tennis racket, the ideal is to let yourself be advised by both specialty brands, as is the case of Siux, as well as by professionals of this sport. They will know how to recommend models focused on the level and objective of each player”, advises José María Clemente Morales.

The expert assures that “paddle tennis is a sport easy to practice and you don’t have to know how to play well to have a good time with friends. However, if you want to level up and improve, there are two fundamental things: perseverance and a lot of patience. To achieve a good level and be able to maintain an interesting game rhythm, I recommend starting to play with professionals, relying on the monitors and in specialized brands.

He paddle It is suitable for all ages. If you have never played it, you can start by practicing by yourself, hitting the ball against the wall. When you are ready, choose a good partner and practice. You just have to be constant, to see the results and, above all, don’t forget that the important thing is to enjoy yourself and to exercise, both to stay in shape and to improve your health.

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