An Exotic Vacation With Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez Fails to Slow Fitness Guru Jaclyn Cordeiro’s Drive Down

MLB icon Alex Rodriguez before resuming his duties on Fox is enjoying his time on an exotic vacation with lady love Jaclyn Cordeiro. A-Rod has been dating the Canadian fitness expert Cordeiro after first getting spotted with her in the streets of Beverly Hills in October 2022. Since then, Alex and Jac have been on multiple vacations, either as a couple or as a family with their kids. 

The couple’s mutual love for fitness makes them a perfect. A-Rod’s former career as an athlete was based entirely on his body being fit. Whereas Cordeiro and her company Jac fitness are determined to make people and themselves understand the importance of fitness and staying fit. Whenever or wherever the two of them are, they never miss out on working out; that’s how much fitness means to them. It seems like nothing could slow down the couple from getting their groove down. Their recent exotic vacation would be a perfect example of that. 

Where is Alex Rodriguez vacationing with his girlfriend, Jaclyn Cordeiro?


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Unlike Rodriguez, Cordeiro resides in her hometown, Canada. Thus, the couple recently spent quite a little time apart because of their respective careers. Jac and Alex decided to spend time away from all the chaos before A-Rod continues his role as an MLB analyst when the regular season starts on March 30.

The couple went away to the Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean Club in the Bahamas. However, even the time off from the chaos of everyday life failed to slow down the fitness freak in her from working out. Cordeiro posted a few stories on her Instagram of her working out at 5 in the morning. 

According to her, the 5 am club can be anywhere, even if it’s a vacation. The fitness enthusiast seems unstoppable and determined to get her workout done as if almost nothing could slow her down.


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Does A-Rod’s ex-wife like Cordeiro?

Alex and his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis divorced in 2008. Since then, A-Rod has dated quite a few women. Every woman A-Rod brings into their daughters’ lives has a significant role. Thus, Scurtis, a couple of times, expressed her feelings about Rodriguez’s girlfriends. 

However, according to the pictures posted by A-Rod and Cordeiro, Scurtis seems to be on good terms with the fitness and lifestyle expert. Scurtis did not like her ex-husband’s every girlfriend in the past. Therefore, liking Cordeiro is a minor thing to celebrate. 


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But do you think Cordeiro will tie the knot with the former Yankee? Let us know in the comments below!

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