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Andrea Duro and her infallible exercise to activate glutes

    Andrea Duro does not stop. A little over a year ago, we already warned you, during the impressive physical evolution that she had experienced, that everything indicated that the actress wanted to join life with authentic impetus healthy. A initiativeof course, where the exercise was not far behind. Quite the contrary.

    In this way and under the orders of his personal trainer, robert navarrowe have seen how Andrea has been toning up and strengthening his abs with specific routines or how he even opted to put on boxing gloves before giving it his all in a most intense workout. level routinesl full body or focused on the upper body who have developed their spectacular curves and who, little by little, have been focusing and drifting to one of our favorite parts of training. Indeed, we are talking about the buttocks.

    And it is that, by seeing a large part of their latest shared routines, we can assure without fear of being wrong that, just as it happens to us, strengthening the legs and raising the buttocks has become one of his new fitness goals. Now, after showing us some of his most demanding training sessions, Andrea Duro has opted for an exercise that is not only infallible when it comes to working the buttocks and legs, but also, it is suitable for all. Yes, yes, it doesn’t matter what physical shape you have; you can do them with real ease: strides or lunges.

    Andrea Duro or how to activate glutes and quadriceps effectively

    As we can see, the strides or the lunges (and their infinity of variants and types) is one of the exercises that always They usually appear in the routines of the lower body; strengthen quadriceps and hamstrings and also, they manage to raise the ass, since we activate the gluteus maximus by lowering and returning to the starting position (remember the importance of knowing which muscles form the gluteus and how to work them). Also, also help us improve balance. In short: they have it all, go.

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    Of course, they are so functional, effective and simple that, sometimes, we tend to do them wrong. Take a good look at what posture and what movement Andrea is carrying out, if you want to reproduce it to avoid the two most common mistakes in this exercise.

    The step by step of Andrea Duro’s lunges

    As we can see, with the first variant that the actress performs, she activates the glutes and quadriceps. For it, take a big step back with the left leg, crossing it behind keeping the body upright. Then return to the starting position.

    To help you do this exercise, the actress resorts to sliding discs that facilitate their movement, such as these:

    Gliding discs – The perfect ally for strides



    While for the next lunge power the movement using the dumbbells (although, kettlebells can also be very useful for you).

    Neoprene dumbbells – To enhance the effect of exercise

    Copy the look of Andrea Duro

    We love Andrea’s exercise, but her sweatshirt much more. For this reason, if you are like us, I would like to point out that, although this Women’s Secret model is no longer in stockThere are many other alternatives like this:

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    Or, if you prefer a more striking one, this is your model that is available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

    Felda sweatshirt for perfect lunges

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    And, now yes, it’s time to score a real Andrea Duro.

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