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Andrea Duro’s simple training to have tremendous statuesque legs with that mini dress

Since Andrea Duro has fully meditated on the world fitness He never ceases to amaze us with his endless energy. Off-road workouts loaded with HIIT AND workouts fullbody to crush glutes and abs, as well as disciplines that cannot be missing in her training sessions such as boxing, where she has already shown on countless occasions that she is a true professional. The result of all this: a scandalous body worth admiring.

Andrea Duro training to show off infinite and firm legs

Andrea Duro attended the premiere of ‘Bird Box Barcelona’ dressed in a little black dress with transparencies that can not sit better. The actress not only captured the eyes of the fans with her outfits ideal, but her infinite legs took part of the limelight.

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To achieve a lower body as worked as Andrea Duro’s, it is essential to have a few exercises focused on developing and defining the leg muscles. For this, the actress includes in her routine exercises supervised by her personal trainer robert navarro as the supported toe stride, to which it adds weight to enhance the results. Another of the actress’s favorites is lhorizontal leg pressfor those who need a specific machine to work quadriceps while keeping the core strong core.

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The lunges They are another of Andrea Duro’s essential exercises when starting her lower body routine and activating glutes and quadriceps. To do this, he takes a big step back with his left leg, crossing it behind him keeping his body upright. Afterwards, he returns to the starting position. In addition, to facilitate her movement in the exercise, the actress uses the help of slip discs. Don’t wait any longer and join the HITT leg training!

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Amonax Gliding discs - The perfect ally for strides

Amonax Amonax Gliding discs – The perfect ally for strides

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