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shopper assessment of Anthelios Sunscreen Products

Carrie wrote to us after ready for months after the FDA approval of the new Anthelios SX sunscreen merchandise to grow to be accessible to assessment the product for us all.

With honest pores and skin that readily burnt to a crisp regardless of her diligence in making use of solar block at common intervals all through the day, Carrie could not wait to see if the Anthelios sunscreen held as much as all the guarantees to guard the pores and skin from solar injury for lengthy intervals of time. 

Anthelios Sunscreen

In Carrie’s personal phrases, “Boy, was the wait ever worth it!”

She completely fell in love with it.

Sophie describes Anthelios sunscreen as a lighter sort of sunscreen that does not have a perfume and would not have that heavy, pasty greasy really feel in any respect.

She likes the indisputable fact that it really looks like a moisturizer fairly than the typical heavy, thick feeling of most sunscreens and solar blocks- (which she additionally thinks usually scent simply terrible!)

Usually one utility in the morning is all she wants now to guard her pores and skin for a complete day in the solar.

Carrie’s favourite for on a regular basis use is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15

Carrie admits that whereas Anthelios merchandise could also be a bit costlier than different sunscreens, the value greater than justifies the comfort and added safety that the Anthelios sunscreen merchandise present.


“UVA rays cause premature ageing of the skin and tanning, while UVB rays are responsible for redness and burning.

Both increase your risk of skin cancer. UVA rays penetrate skin especially deeply and cause issues such as dark pigment spots, sun allergy and premature ageing.”

LaRoche Posey consultants clarify:

“Unlike UVB which causes sunburn, UVA rays are painless but they are not harmless. On the contrary, they can penetrate deep within the skin to reach the cells of the dermis (skin’s deeper layer). 

By producing free radicals, they can cause long-term damage and bring about:

  • Photo-ageing: skin’s support structures (collagen and elastin fibres) are modified resulting in a slackening effect and wrinkle formation.
  • Sun intolerance, commonly referred to as sun allergy (redness, itching, polymorphous light eruption).
  • Pigmentation disorders (freckles, dark spots).
  • Development of skin cancers.

Invisible to the human eye, UV radiation – not to be confused with heat from the sun (Infrared radiation) – cannot be felt by the skin. Therefore, the only way you can ensure your exposed skin is protected is with daily sunscreen application.”

The FDA Regulations of Sunscreen Products:

More stringent FDA laws are in the works for sunscreen merchandise:
FDA Proposal to Make ALL Sunscreen Products Safe and Effective 

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