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Anti-aging fitness: the technique that helps rejuvenate muscles

People have become more sedentary over the years and have neglected the importance of muscle. To talk about this topic, in Generaciones Blu was Geovanny Velásquez, athlete and trainer, who spoke about anti-aging fitness and gave some recommendations for exercising.

“Anti-aging fitness is a training methodology that allows people to break with the limitations of everyday life. Since there are many employees who, because they are sitting in an office, during their workday, they lose mobility (…) This training technique helps to rejuvenate the muscles”explained the sports coach about this sports strategy.

According to Velásquez, when people stop exercising, the muscles lose a little mobility, that is, they fall asleep. That is why it is important to perform small exercises.

“Mobility is the training base for all people who exercise. This helps technique and strength, that’s why it’s so important.”Velásquez added about the importance of mobility.

Anti-aging fitness

According to Geovanny Velasquez, anti-aging fitness works on the five essential areas of training: movement, flexibility, strength, endurance and body control.

This is a practice that requires a minimum of 3 hours a week for you to people of any age, connect with their bodies and feel younger, more agile, to help their muscles and improve health.

What exercises are good for the muscles?

  • Perform different yoga positions
  • the cross fit
  • parkour

In addition, the expert added that carrying out just 15 minutes of exercise is good for health. On the other hand, food also plays a vital role in this process.

“Food and exercise always go hand in hand to achieve a healthy life”Velasquez added.

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