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Anytime Fitness signs an agreement with Clínica Londres to help its community feel better

Anytime Fitness Iberia continues in its commitment to increase the value of all the players in its extensive family that almost reaches 40,000 members in our country. It has just reached an agreement with Clínica Londres, a specialist in cosmetic medicine and surgery, nutrition and obesity, in order to bring all its partners, franchisees and workers closer to the possibility of caring for and improving their beauty, aesthetics and physical health and, of course, thus, mental.

Anytime Fitness, the largest chain of gyms in the world, has signed a national agreement with Clínica Londres, a network of centers specialized in medicine and aesthetic surgery, nutrition and obesity, so that its members can enjoy treatments with interesting advantages .

“The holistic vision that we at Anytime Fitness have of health pushes us to sign agreements like the one we have now reached with Clínica Londres, designed to help all our partners, workers and franchisees feel good about themselves. We are sure that Clínica Londres will help us in our global purpose of helping to improve the self-esteem of people from any corner of the planet”, says Natalia López-Maroto, Director of Communication and Marketing at Anytime Fitness Iberia.

Marisa Codina, director of Clínica Londres, assures, for her part, that “the agreement reached with Anytime Fitness demonstrates the firm commitment we have to people’s physical and mental health, and how our day-to-day activities are focused on helping those who They trust us to feel their best with their body and mind. It is an honor to work hand in hand with a company like Anytime Fitness, a leader in its sector, and a staunch defender of health from all its aspects”.

Multiple benefits with unlimited character

The agreement between both entities, in force since January 1 and of an unlimited nature, will allow anytimers to access a first diagnostic consultation with a doctor or cosmetic surgeon from Clínica Londres at no cost.

In addition, those who wish may access the multiple cosmetic surgery and medicine treatments that Clínica Londres carries out with an 8% discount.

The agreement between both companies also contemplates that the Anytime Fitness community can get a hair removal voucher for 22 sessions at half price or with Indiba vouchers with a 25% discount.

Given the national scope of this agreement, all cosmetic medicine and surgery treatments may be performed in all the centers that Clínica Londres has in Spain. “In our 25-year history, we have managed to launch a total of 21 centers in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, La Coruña, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Ciudad Real, Seville, Malaga, Murcia and Palma de Mallorca”, Codina qualifies.

Creating more value for your community

The agreement with Clínica Londres is yet another example of the effort that Anytime Fitness Iberia makes to support its global mission: to increase the self-esteem and well-being of people all over the planet in all aspects of their lives.

Anytime Fitness currently maintains agreements with top-level national and international companies, such as Galp, Nextory, CoTown, Motocard or Santa María Study Centers, which offer exclusive benefits for members of your family, to which many others will join this year.

“We work practically daily to find companies aligned with our mission and vision. Sometimes we are approached by companies that are interested in offering special advantages for our network, but we do not share our values ​​with them. In these cases, the agreement is not possible. From here, we open the doors to all companies that, like Clínica Londres, include values ​​such as empathy, personalization, professionalism, transparency, inclusion and honesty in their DNA. Our clubs are full of real people. Democratizing mental well-being through feeling good about oneself is and will be our main objective for the present and future”, concludes López-Maroto.

About Anytime Fitness

The Anytime Fitness franchise is the largest chain of convenience gyms in the world, with more than 5,100 clubs spread over more than 30 countries, where more than 5 million members train to improve their quality of life, ordinary people who are committed to a better present and future through sport and a healthy lifestyle.

In Spain Anytime Fitness now has 39 clubs, four of which are owned by the franchise.

The franchise was born in Minnesota, where its headquarters are located, and from where its founders Dave Mortensen and Chuck Runyon lead this project that is already present on all continents.

Their exponential growth has positioned them as the fastest growing franchise in history, exceeding 5,000 operating units in just 20 years.

With annual growth of over 400 openings, Anytime Fitness receives awards annually for being the fastest and fastest growing franchise in history for 14 years.

Anytime Fitness is a registered trademark of Self Esteem Brands™, which also owns the brands Waxing the City, BaseCamp Fitness, The Bar Method, Stronger U Nutrition, Healthy Contributions and Provision Security.

About London Clinic

Clínica Londres celebrates 25 years as a benchmark in medicine and cosmetic surgery, nutrition and obesity. It is of Spanish origin and Spanish property with 500 workers in its ranks, it is the first clinic in Europe that has achieved the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certification.

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