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Anytime Fitness will open its second gym in Lleida in autumn

Anytime Fitness continues its expansion in Spain with the announcement of the upcoming opening, in autumn, of its second gym in Lleida.

Located between the La Bordeta neighborhood and the Parc de l’Aigua in the city, in a newly built residential area, the new club will be managed by the franchisee Lluís Rodríguez Boldú, it will have an area of ​​850 m2 (1,750 if it is takes into account its exterior surface and the car park equipped with more than 30 parking spaces) and with a 24-hour schedule, 365 days a year.

Objective: 750 members for the opening

Anytime Fitness Parc de l’Aigua has the objective of reaching the opening day with more than 750 users registered in its ranks. Users who, according to Lluís Rodríguez, correspond to very heterogeneous profiles. “We are very happy with the reception our club is having. In these early days, people of all kinds and of all ages are coming to register. I believe that the flexible hours that we offer and the personalization of the training that we propose are the key to this very good reception ”, he qualifies.

AF Parc de l’Aigua opens with the Coaching Suite

Anytime Fitness Parc de l’Aigua is the first club in the franchise to offer the new Coaching Suite training plans, designed for “those people who seek the help and advice of a coach; who want to ensure their results, measure their progress and get the most out of each workout, in the gym, at home, in the park… At any time and in any place, but under the supervision of a professional”, they describe from the chain .

Option of small groups for Base, Build and Burn

For those users who prefer the strength and motivation of group training, Anytime Fitness Parc de l’Aigua will offer Coaching+, adding to the Coaching Suite services training in small groups for initiation, fat burning or muscle building (Base, Build, Burn , in its acronym in English). In addition, contact with the coach becomes more frequent and direct with unlimited chat and video calls with the coach, who will follow the student’s progress weekly.

With regard to directed classes, this new club will teach daily yoga, zumba, pilates or GAP, among others, and will offer the option of continuing to train inside or outside its facilities with more than 1,100 training plans and more than 8,000 exercises that the Anytime Fitness App has.

“We are absolutely aligned with the Anytime Fitness philosophy, to be more Anytime and more Anywhere than ever,” Lluís clarifies, who will create six jobs to start up his club, including those of his club manager, Ainhoa Robles, and his Member Experience Manager, Karlla Lima, who have been preparing the opening of the club for months now, training in the Anytime Fitness philosophy, and for a week actively participating in the pre-sale.

new brand image

Anytime Fitness Parc de l’Aigua will be the first club in Spain to feature all the elements and colors of the latest Anytime Fitness brand manual, presented just a few weeks ago. The new gradients make the clubs even more current and fresh, whose purpose is to adapt to new trends and to an increasingly demanding and young public.

More openings in 2023

The opening of Anytime Fitness Parc de l’Aigua is the third that Anytime Fitness has added so far in 2023, after those of Foners and Inca, both in Mallorca, in the previous months. They will not be the only ones this year.

“We have the capacity to grow throughout the country, from north to south and from east to west. Our model arouses the interest of many investors and entrepreneurs who call us every day to find out what they must do to join our family. We have several projects on the table, and several openings already signed so that several Anytime Fitness can see the light of day between now and the end of the year”, explains Alexis Sekulits, director of Expansion of the company in Spain.

Among the openings planned for the coming months, Anytime Fitness has two in Madrid and two more in Catalonia, as well as some additional ones that are already being negotiated to take place in other regions of Spain.

As of today, Anytime Fitness has 40 gyms in Spain.

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