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Arm exercises: The best exercises for women’s arms


flaccidity of the arms, also known as the bat-wing effect, are one of the most feared consequences of the passage of time. With age, the skin loses collagen and, therefore, its

elasticity, which causes the skin under the arm to hang down. But it’s not all bad news: with these

very easy exercises to do at home you will get firm and toned arms at any age.

To reverse the effect of the passage of time, it is essential that you combine a

balanced diet with the

specific exercise routine and correct for this purpose. Foods rich in

collagen such as fish, eggs or vegetables cannot be missing from your diet. However, the key to success lies in a series of

exercises focused on this part of the body that will achieve the firm look of your arms.

Ending the flab of the arms goes through

exercise muscle and

lose fat localized and general. Although the specific exercises are the ones that will put the icing on the cake, it is necessary that you carry out a complete workout that will help you eliminate fat from the entire body and facilitate the goal. exercises

cardio either

HIIT They are perfect for toning up and losing weight, although there are also other less intense variants that, although their action is not as fast, are just as effective.

triceps dip

This exercise is one of the most effective to eliminate localized fat in the arms. Stand on your back with your

spleens leaning on a chair and the

legs parallel, in the same position as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair. Next,

lower the buttock to the ground while keeping your back straight and

arms forming a

right angle.

Woman stretching arms/PEXELS

The most initiated in this discipline can add a plus of intensity

pulling away a little the

legs either

leaning Over the

heels. Not only will you work the triceps much more, which is the muscle that this exercise focuses on, but in the process you will get to work the entire body.

knee push-ups

The push-ups, in addition to working your

coreThey put the emphasis on the arms. However, we know that it is not an exercise for everyone because it requires a certain resistance that can only be achieved with previous work. For those who are starting out in this world, the option of

knee push ups it will make their work much easier and will have the same effect on your arms.

Stretch the

arms on the floor or a mat,

open at shoulder heightand lean on your

kneeswith feet elevated. without bending back,

raise and lower the trunk. Try to let the arms exert the force and not the pectoral muscles so that the work is located in this area.

plank with elbows

This exercise, in addition to giving a visible result in both arms and core, is one of the

more simple Of the routine. It consists of putting yourself in a position of

ironwith the weight resting on the

tiptoes and the

Palm of the handand

up and down supporting the weight on the

forearm. In this way, the work is located in the arms, but you do not lose the benefits that the plank has for other muscles, such as those of the abdomen.

Woman stretching arms/PEXELS

Dumbbell Triceps Extension


weight to arm work increases the efficiency of the exercise and helps to work strength, so

you avoid the danger of

lose muscle mass with weight loss. Ideally, you should get some

dumbbells and that its weight adapts to your physical capacity. Do not force the muscle: if you are not used to working with weight, start with lighter dumbbells and increase the load as you progress in your training.

This particular exercise consists of placing yourself with the

Straight back and the

arms outstretched up holding dumbbells. Without bending her back, she forms a

90ยบ angle with the elbow and take the

dumbbells behind the head to work the muscles of the back of the arm.

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