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Arnold Schwarzenegger responds with evidence to criticism about his physique in ‘Fubar’ (Netflix)

Arnold Schwarzenegger once again shows off his elegance on social networks. This time due to Twitter where he was criticized for his physical condition at the age of 75 in the Netflix series, ‘Fubar’.

The American bodybuilder and actor does not give rise to a reply and respond subtly with a photo training to such a comment by a follower on his official Twitter account. After multiple heart surgeries, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in incredible physical condition and can boast of it perfectly.

The user commented that the biceps that had been published as a meme by another user according to the new Netflix series, corresponded to his physical condition at the time when Arnold Schwarzenegger was filming the ‘Predator’ saga in the 1980s. Telling him that he will show the state of his biceps now and not in the pastsince now his biceps become something disappointing and even according to the user, “a 75-year-old man can have good biceps”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger focuses on moving faster than lifting heavier weights

Arnold Schwarzenegger was unfazed by such a comment, replying to the user in question with a photo of him at the gym both in the past and currently. His most recent photo in the gym leaves no doubt that his physical condition has not diminished over the years, that is, there is no reason to question Arnold, much less his physique, -perhaps the user wanted to sting the actor so that he would reveal what is his secret to being in such good shape and with so much muscle at 75-, since the actor has suffered several ailments to his health, severely complicating his physique and fitness on some occasions.


After passing through the operating room on several occasions, Arnold confirmed to Men’s Health that he has had to change his training approach, having to work out every morning and do therapy training at the same time.

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