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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 4-1-1 method to gain muscle

    When arnold schwarzenegger talk about body-building everyone shuts up and listens. The multiple times winner of Mr Olympia He knew well in his time what had to be done to be the king and he still has a couple of aces up his sleeve. For example, with the 4-1-1 method who gets to focus on how gain muscle training successfullyaccording to the protagonist of ‘Terminator’.

    This Arnold Schwarzenegger technique focuses on progressively increasing the weight load so that your muscles are as hard as steel. To do this, the Conan actor ensures that the best way to perfect it with something as simple as repeat three movements when trying to lift weight.

    As he explained in the ‘Arnold’s Pump Club’ podcast, the key is in the initial 4, which are the seconds the movement should take. “That four-second slow tempo forces you to control the weight with full range of motion, giving your body an incredible stretching“, explained the former bodybuilder.

    The second part of the movements of the 4-1-1 method is also easy. After the slow move you have to hold on for a second and return quickly to the original position in only one second.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger argues that it is a very useful technique because It is better to perform this type of exercise a couple of times than to accumulate series without stopping. In his experience, working with the core is much more precise and the results are excellent.

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