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Ashley Graham strengthens her glutes with this exercise

    We recognize it. Buttock exercises are our great weakness; we love them! They have become the perfect finishing touch to any exercise routine (remember, to see results, these are the days that you have to train your buttocks). After all, to be honest, who doesn’t like show off firm buttocks with an effect push up the most natural? More now that the good weather is approaching; they favor and stylize the silhouette in an undeniable way.

    For this reason, we could not help but be happy to see that Ashley Graham has shared a little of her last training where, surprise, surprise, the buttocks have taken a leading role! And no, we anticipate it, she has not performed the classic squats (although, Ashley Graham’s foolproof trick to squats made us rediscover this exercise).

    Strong and firm glutes? Ashley Graham has the ultimate exercise

    After sharing with her followers her secret to purifying and toning her skin in style or showing off her postpartum figure with real pride (and making her stretch marks visible with a message body positive spectacular), Ashley Graham decided to show her last session in the gym with the naturalness that characterizes her. one where buttocksas we already told you, they have become the undisputed stars.


    As can be well appreciated, wearing her favorite sneakers, the businesswoman carried out an exercise that is not very familiar to all; A few days ago, we were left to contemplate how Kim Kardashian had the perfect technique to do the deadlift, highlight that Ashley Graham’s technique is not far behind.

    In fact, it can be perfectly seen as activates the hamstrings and glutesgaining and power muscle.

    Deadlift: what it is for and what benefits it has

    As we highlighted, beyond activating the hamstrings and butt (remember, with these deadlift variations you can transform your glutes more intensely), this common exercise in strength routines also includes other muscle groups in the equation. such as the back, abdomen, legs and arms. However, to avoid any injury, it is important to adapt the weight well to your physical condition.

    In this sense, we recommend you opt for these convertible barbell dumbbells, not only does it allow you to adapt the weight, but you can also use them in your different training sessions in an agile way either as a barbell or as a dumbbell. A true all in one.

    Adjustable dumbbells – the perfect ally for your routines



    How to perform this exercise correctly?

    Specific, This exercise is made up of four guidelines or important points and, all of them, fall into adopting a good posture:

    • Separate the legs until they reach the width of your hips, slightly bending the knees.
    • The balls of the feet should point forward.
    • Drop your weight back toward your heels, pushing your hips back as you lower yourself (see Kim) until the bar is about knee-high.
    • Return to the starting position by contracting your glutes and slowly rising with your chest up. With this, you will activate the scapulae.

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