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Asics Ventures fund invests in immersive fitness company Valkyrie Industries

Asics enters fitness through a technology company. The Japanese company specializing in sports clothing and footwear has invested in Valkyrie Industries, company that has developed a platform for hardware and software aimed at offering immersive sports experiences to train strength.

The economic details of the operation, which will be articulated through Asics Ventures Corporation, the investment subsidiary of Asics, have not been disclosed. The funding will help Valkyrie accelerate growth and bring to market “EIR Armbands”, some bracelets that combine virtual reality with muscular electrostimulation.

Founded in London in 2017, Valkyrie Industries has also reached an agreement with Asics to collaborate on EIR Training, their virtual reality fitness training platform. Trainers from this brand will wear Asics sportswear in 2023. The Japanese firm also plans to develop and offer its own fitness class on the EIR training platform.

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