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August 2021 Astrology: Move Forward Into Action

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Early within the month, Mercury goes “cazimi,” an astrological time period which means “into the heart of the Sun.” When this side happens, Mercury is infused with gentle, permitting beforehand scattered ideas to change into clear.

On August 11, Mercury enters the signal of logical and rational Virgo. Use this chance to investigate with discernment (svadhyaya, or self-study) and be extra inwardly reflective as a substitute of chasing perfection. Focus on appreciating the method somewhat than fixating on the outcome. On August 16, connection-loving Venus enters its ruling signal of Libra, symbolized by scales. This motion asks: How are you creating stability in your relationships and emotional life?

On the 22nd, the total moon in Aquarius echoes the total moon in July—when two consecutive full moons occur in a single photo voltaic month, a uncommon blue moon happens. It’s becoming that the blue moon is on this signal, as we’re nonetheless collectively transitioning into the idealistic, forward-thinking Age of Aquarius. Embrace the observe of sakshi (witness) to strengthen your interior observer on this time of development. Ask your self: “What do I want to work toward? How can I use my gifts to authentically benefit my community?” This might imply sharing your assets, providing donations, or volunteering your time. Use your newfound data to maneuver ahead into motion.

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Key planetary dates

August 1: Mercury goes “cazimi,” which means “into the heart of the Sun.” Mercury is the planet that represents thought and the Sun represents the center. Mercury is the closest planet to the solar and at instances it forgets it’s not the solar. This is a lesson find remembrance within the allowance of the center somewhat than letting our ideas to be the middle of our lives.

August 2: From the 2nd to the sixth, the solar and Mercury are at odds (in opposition) with Saturn and in a tense relationship with the planet Uranus. From a physiological perspective, tending to the nervous system and the cardiovascular system is emphasised throughout this time. Ask your self, how is my breath and circulation, how can I permit my body to be unrestricted and even strengthened? During this time, take into account working with a Kundalini Yoga practice as a solution to help your self via this course of.

August 8: The new moon in Leo continues the theme of uncovering what’s in your coronary heart. New moons are a perfect time to plant seeds—what seed lies in your coronary heart, and how are you going to discover methods to entry the interior chambers? Leo is the signal of the zodiac that represents our very important drive, so throughout this time, place an emphasis on caring for the vitality and spirit that lives inside all of us.

August 11: The swift planet Mercury strikes into its dwelling signal of Virgo. As ruler of the digestive tract, taking time to deal with the intestine throughout this transit is vital. Remember, the vast majority of the immune system exists within the intestine. Simplifying the quantity of data we now have to course of in our ideas creates more room for ourselves to digest data in our our bodies. Try this practice to assist in this process.

August 16: The clever planet of Venus enters its dwelling signal of Libra. When Venus goes into Libra, it has the power to precise itself in full drive. In the previous throughout meditations on Venus in Libra, I used to be proven elaborate mandalas. In Sanskrit, mandala merely means “circle,” however from a metaphysical lens, a mandala assists one in harmonizing the mundane thoughts into the enlightened thoughts.

August 19: Uranus stations to go retrograde, inviting the collective to evaluation how we use expertise and private innovation to create and maintain assets in a approach that brings extra effectivity in our lives. What can we do within the digital area to advocate for modifications that really affect issues on the bottom?

August 22: The full moon is in Aquarius for the second consecutive time, once more asking for us to heed the decision of tuning into our private genius that’s in help to the collective. The full moon is on the final diploma of Aquarius, signifying a possibility to convey to an finish repressive thought patterns which have conditioned us to expertise life from a lower than complete state.

Also on this present day, the Sun enters Virgo on the heels of the total moon. Virgo exhibits us extra in regards to the strategy of perfecting, which is totally different from “perfection.” Perfection is usually an thought we mission out in life, whereas perfecting is an lively course of.

August 30: The swift planet Mercury enters the signal that pursues concord, Libra. Mercury guidelines over data and ideas, and the signal of Libra can convey extremes. During this transit, it’s crucial to not permit your ideas to swing to extremes as a lot as the data being offered to it’s possible you’ll.

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