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Ayesha Curry’s 11-piece cookware set is available at Target

Certainly considered half of one of the most influential couples in entertainment, Ayesha Curry is VERY busy. From making movies to launching multiple charities, she knows how to get things done. Add all of that to bestselling cookbooks and a cooking show, and it’s safe to say that Ayesha Curry is a force in the kitchen. So much so that she has her own line of cookware at Target and right now — you can get this 11-piece set of pots and pans for just $150.

If you’re thinking about hosting a few more dinner parties in 2023, this set will help you through it from appetizers to dessert. It comes with a Dutch oven, two skillets, two sauce pans, a sauté pan and a rubber spatula to get every last bit of gravy out of the pan.

Curry is especially excited about her aluminum sets because they’re durable, thanks to the diamond-textured interior surface. That means you’ll get better browning and easier food-release — no more dishpan hands! The aluminum is also anodized aluminum which guarantees quick, even heating. The pots are also oven-safe and come with tempered glass lids.

Get ready to be impressed by even heating and easy cleanup. (Photo: Getty/Target)

All that is impressive, and so are the reviews — Target shoppers LOVE this set.

“I’ve been using this pot for months,” shared one happy shopper. “It’s nice and very large. It resists scratching and cleaning it is very easy. I have a large family of 7 and this can hold a huge pot of soup. I can see this pot lasting me for years.”

“Not only are they aesthetically pleasing (LOVE the inner copper lining) but they truly are the best pots and pans I’ve ever used,” wrote a rave reviewer. “I love them more than my cast iron, which I love a lot. They aren’t joking when they say nonstick, and they heat so evenly. I had been needing new pots for a long time, but I’m so glad I waited for these to come out!”

“Eggs have been fluffy, chicken and rice DID NOT stick to the pan, bacon was cooked to perfection, rice was perfect and fluffy!!” reported another excited fan. “If I could give these pans 10 stars I would! They have literally brought back my love for cooking as I do not dread the food sticking to the bottom which leads to additional dishwashing time.”

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