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Baby Care Tips For Mothers During Winter: How To Take Care Of Your Child’s Skin This Winter

The transformation from papa’s princess to stepping into womanhood and finally giving birth to a munchkin is the most beautiful journey in a girl’s life.

You have been counting days for the ‘the day’ and now it’s just two months away. But wait, you really don’t want your newborn to face the bites of winter? With the winter season here, brace up to keep your little one’s oh-so-soft skin as silky as the day your angel will be born. You need to take various precautions and much more than just bundle up your precious bundle as the baby’s thin and sensitive skin is vulnerable to the wintry gusts.

Mood swings, morning sickness, fatigue, tendency to irrationally fight with your partner is just the beginning, a tumultuous number of activities and responsibilities will dawn on you in another few months. Shop for some light- to medium-weight clothes, preferably cotton and fleece, for your to be born now when you have ample time.

Baby Clothing

Dress your little one like an onion, with several light layers of clothing rather than one big heavy outfit. Make sure you also have enough stock of pretty head gears, mittens, cozy socks and snowsuits. Infants see the world from their mother’s eyes, so it’s you who has to address the little one’s every need right from day one.

Infants lose body heat very fast and are prone to frostbites as well. The moment you see signs of frostbite, cover up your baby with a mild coat or blanket before taking him to a pediatrician. For first aid you can take some warm water, check the temperature with your wrist or elbow to gauge how warm it is, soak a cloth in the water and mildly dap your baby’s skin until it gets back its original colour.

Baby Skincare

Don’t forget that the windy chill can play havoc on your cherub’s lips and cheeks. Keep your cutie moisturized all the time with fragrance-free and hypoallergenic lotion, cream, or ointment. Babies might get sunburnt even in a snowy climate as snow reflects approximately 85% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. So it’s important to protect them from the sun even in winters.

I’m sure a volley of questions trouble an expecting mother like bathing the baby, putting them to sleep, vaccination timings, caring for their skin and many more. The best way to get comfortable is by reading as much as possible and asking your pediatrician. Fatigue and morning sickness must be making you fussy and you may be experiencing an inability to concentrate with periods of forgetfulness. Everything in this world including work, bills and household chores are less important than the baby and the impending birth. So, gear up for your angel’s arrival, especially if your due date is during the winter season and most importantly control your emotional roller coaster and stay cheerful!

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