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Bagail packing cubes on sale at Amazon

We’ve all been there: You’re packing your suitcase with clothes, pajamas and shoes only to realize you’ve run out of room before you can throw in your favorite hat and camera. Not only are you out of space, but it’s also a messy mix of essentials that could use some serious organization.

This all-too-common problem can easily be avoided with a simple travel accessory shoppers call it “a packing miracle” and a “life saver.” It’s the Bagail Packing Cubes Set and Amazon slashed the price of the black version to just $18 (was $20).

Whether you have big holiday travel plans, you’re going away on a weeklong cruise or taking a short business trip, these brilliant nylon organizers will keep you organized and can even save you annoying baggage fees along the way. With over 6,700+ perfect reviews, the Bagail Packing Cubes Set — shoppers credit these zippered nylon cubes with keeping things tidy while traveling.

“Great organizational tool,” wrote a five-star fan. “I got tired of tossing my suitcases full of things when I travel and them rolling around and everything becoming displaced. I ordered these to try to organize myself and they worked great. Now when I open my suitcase everything is in its own place. The small laundry bag was a plus and I often use it for swimsuits or damp clothes so they don’t mix with the rest in my bag.”

Another happy reviewer saved money thanks to these: “Everyone should own one of these! I plan on buying them for my parents. I kid you not, I was able to pack 8 dresses, 10 tops, 5 pants, swimsuits, 1 bag, 2 heels, my straightener and makeup all in a carry-on. And these keep everything so organized! A must have for traveling, will save you a lot of time and money not needing to check in luggage.”

No more rummaging through messy luggage. Stay organized and bring everything you want with these packing cubes — now just $18. (Photo: Getty Images)

The set includes four lightweight cubes — an extra-large, large, medium and small organizer — and each features double zipper pulls, mesh panelling and a top handle for convenience. It also comes with a free laundry bag to separate dirty clothes at the end of your trip.

“They absolutely save lots of space!!!” confirms a fan. “When I first received these cubes, I was in serious doubt that they would work. I had already packed my 28-inch piece of luggage with all that I could and still had not packed any toiletries, undergarments, or makeup because I was out of room. Deciding to put these cubes to the test, I unpacked that piece of luggage and repacked what I thought was going to be ‘all that I could’ into the cubes. I managed to get everything into those cubes, including my toiletries and undergarments!…But the VERY BEST PART? I was able to downsize from that 28-inch regular piece of luggage, to a 24-inch spinner piece!! Everything fit perfectly…I am just really impressed!! I ordered two sets, but it appears I may be gifting one of them because the one set contains everything I need.”

Bagail set of four cubes, laundry bag, shoe bag

The set includes four lightweight cubes — an extra large, large, medium and small organizer — and each features double zipper pulls, mesh panelling and a top handle for convenience. (Photo: Amazon)

One thrilled reviewer used to separate family members’ items: “Once you start using packing cubes you’ll never go back,” they wrote. “I used these cubes to help organize our family of 6 for a 2-week international trip. It was so good and here’s why: 1. Keep everyone’s clothes and personal items together. 2. Easily compartmentalize them in your luggage. 3. Roll them up and keep Outfits together. 4. You can keep clothes in the cubes after you check into your place.

“I wrote each person’s name on their cube and it was easy to have them go select an outfit in the morning. When it was time to check out they just put everything back into their cube. When we got back home the loaded them back into their drawers. This is a lifesaver and has eliminated so much time and stress from my travel routine. Definitely worth the investment.”

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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