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Bailamos fit is born, a new fitness training program

Bailamos fit is born, a new fitness training program

In the center Neven Ivic, CEO of Concept Life that has developed Bailamos fit.

(25-7-2023). We dance fit is the new fitness training program developed by the company Concept Life, whose CEO is Neven Ivic, former world champion in acrobatic dance and renowned choreographer.

The Concept Life company has developed a new fitness program called Bailamos fit. Its CEO is Neven Ivic, a Croatian who has lived in Barcelona for years, former world champion in acrobatic dance and renowned choreographer. He explains that “it is a new, empowering and inspiring training program that combines the emotion and energy of dance with the benefits of physical exercises.”

Its main benefits are to improve cardiovascular resistance, tone and strengthen body muscles, enhance flexibility and general coordination. It is done through directed classes, with a duration of 45 – 60 minutes where, without the need for previous dance experience, you learn the routines and iconic movements feeling the energy of the performances of mega stars such as Rosalia, Beyonce, Shakira, etc. The program is designed so that everyone can discover the therapeutic benefits of dance by learning different styles, from MTV jazz, hip hop, Latin music, pop, to Funky and rock’n’roll.

Ivic explains that “Bailamos fit is a registered franchise and can be implemented in the gym or sports center. We organize the training of the team of instructors that the center has and through the annual subscription and an online platform we serve them the content (choreography, music, etc.). In this way, each center is assured of the highest quality of the program that it has implemented in its club”.

campaign in september

The developer of the program adds that “it is an intense cardio class with the added value of learning a whole spectrum of dances. It is multi-generational, inclusive, empowering and inspiring. You achieve fitness goals with a focus on fun and self-expression. It is an activity that relieves stress.” At the moment, she reports, it is taught at the Arsenal Femenino Barcelona.

Starting in September “we will start different workshops, masterclasses and campaigns in gyms, sports centers and events throughout Spain to promote and give visibility to the program”.

Structure of a session

The CEO details that each session of Bailamos fit lasts 45-60 minutes and is a project by itself. It has a theme, which can be a new hit song by an artist, a movie, a theme linked to some event, the period of the year, etc. For this reason, the instructors receive the topics monthly to always be up to date.

The class begins with a warm-up routine, about 10 minutes of simplified choreography meant to get the heart rate up and warm up the joints. This routine is changed once a month.

Then the instructor introduces the theme of the class and teaches the choreography in parts (verse, chorus, bridge). Gradually progressing, once all the parts are introduced, the entire choreography is danced, the intense 3-4 minute routines are executed. During the breaks between repetitions, you work on the details. Towards the end of the class, the choreography is recorded, shared with the group through a communication channel and thus progress is monitored, the group is encouraged and the Bailamos fit community is created. After the last dance, the class ends with about 5 minutes of stretching.

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