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Barbara Mori’s fitness routine with which she maintains a heart attack silhouette

Following his appearance in Cannes, everyone is looking for the Barbara Mori fitness routine with which you get a toned body and most importantly, healthy! Because it is a fact, within the entertainment industry the actress is not only recognized for her charisma on her screen, but also for her impressive physical appearance that she cares for from the inside out. Do you want to know what is the secret behind her impressive figure?

Today we reveal the details of his training that we are sure you will be encouraged to try. Get ready and take note of the steps that the beautiful Uruguayan follows!

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Cardio workout

According to his Instagram account, Barbara Mori is a fan of running and to participate in big marathons, especially if they are for a good cause. He also loves to dance, climb stairs and walk long distances admiring nature. These activities not only improve your stamina, but also help maintain your Active metabolism.

Instagram: @delamori

Having a cause to run for motivates the actress to reach the finish line and it inspires us tremendously.

yoga poses

Another of the activities that make up the Barbara Mori’s exercise routine is yoga. The talented actress shares on her social networks how important this discipline is to her, because it not only helps her to exercise, but also allows her to connect with her inner being, find peace and balance her emotions, mind and body. And although he practices different yoga poses every day, he also really enjoys being part of group classes and going on retreats several times a year to recharge with positive energy.

Instagram: @delamori

Mori takes advantage of every trip she makes to connect with her interior and with the nature that surrounds her.

Tai Chi sessions

Like yoga, tai chi is an activity that Barbara Mori he is able to release his inner energy through a series of smooth, flowing movements with deep breathing and mental focus. This discipline allows you to reduce stress and anxietyimprove your coordination and balance, stimulate your memory and concentration capacity, and promote a state of comprehensive health.

Balanced diet

The Barbara Mori fitness routine cannot be complete without a balanced diet that gives it the nutrition and energy necessary to carry out your daily activities. His diet is based on the consumption of cereals and nuts, mixed with red fruits that are high in vitamins and antioxidants. Although it also incorporates proteins of animal origin, low-fat dairy and some carbohydrates in order to achieve a balance.

Instagram: @delamori

It is not about having a restrictive diet, but about identifying what the body needs.

That is how Barbara Mori teaches us that it is not only about getting a lot of exercise, but about finding the balance between mind and body doing activities that you are passionate about and make you feel satisfied with yourself.

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