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Beat Programs opens its platform of directed activity programs

Beat Programs breaks into the fitness market with the marketing of directed activity programs and instructor training. The company has kicked off the sale of an online service designed for gyms, chains and professionals in the sector. It is a virtual platform that Synergym promoted during the pandemic and that it is now beginning to offer to third parties with the aim of providing a double service: create targeted classes and train technicians to ensure that all centers meet the standard. “That active listening to the sfaff and the final partner is vital”, affirms Santiago Roldán, director of audiovisual production at Beat Programs.

In the words of the person in charge, “we offer a system of activity programs aimed at gym instructors for chains and sports centers, with programs that are updated every three months based on the trends we identify.” This system already serves more than eighty Synergym sports facilities, a company with which he has been working for three years. “This allows us to have a complete, competitive and visually attractive product,” says Roldán.

Beat Programs offers targeted cardio, strength and mind-body class programs

The company spends several weeks detecting training trends, designing the session and recording it on its own set, which allows it not to depend on third parties and to have sufficient agility to offer programs with “continuous training for all staffadvise them and cover all the needs of the club“, Add. All of this, together with the company’s structure, allows it to “offer licenses at a very competitive price without losing quality,” he points out.

Dámaris Toro, the platform’s fitness and image coordinator, underlines the importance of being close to the instructor when it comes to offering differential value. “Closeness is vital with them so that later they maintain it with their partner. We give them technical guidelines, level of education and the connection with the client or partner”, adds Toro.

All content is available in Spanish and the platform has an additional module designed for employees who have just joined the company. “We know that the current reality of the sector is a continuous flow of staff”, explains Bull. Hence, Beat Programs seeks to respond to the needs derived from this high flow of employees in companies.

Specifically, guidelines are provided for the new staff and training with follow-up and evaluations with video, online and face-to-face meetings. Events are also organized to connect with the instructors live. It is a specific training “for profiles that do not have so much experience; they can upload their own videos to the system so that we can evaluate if they are fit to teach the training program”, explains Dámaris Toro.

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