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Beginners and Rookies show a good level in the first state selective of the year of Fitness – Palco Noticias

With positive results, the “Quintana Roo Cup for Beginners and Newbies” was held, the first activity in the annual competition calendar of the Quintanarroense Association of Physical Constructivism and Fitness (AQFF).

The state selective was held at the “Kuchil Baxal” Multiple Use Gym in Cancun and there were around 60 competitors who gathered to display their power and seek to be part of the Quintana Roo National Team that will compete in the “Mr. Mexico Beginners and Newbies “, to be held from February 24 to 26 in Mexico City.

“You always have to give importance to all our competitors, that’s why we are starting the year giving strength to the categories that are considered the initiation ones in this sport, I must admit that the level is high and that we saw the best of the state in this our first tournament of the year”, commented Sebastián Muñoz, president of the AQFF.

Turning to the results of the contest, in the Rookie Physical modality, Emmanuel Portillo Hernández from Cozumel won the victory, while in the Rookie Bikini division, the young Esmeralda Hernández Velázquez from the municipality of Solidaridad, showed a better figure to win the first place.

In the Men’s Physique Novatos, the native of Tulum, Jacobo Abel Payan Andrade took first place, and Jessica Carrillo Díaz from Cancun emerged as the winner in the Wellness Novice category.

In the Classic Physique Newbies category, Eduardo Noble Alamilla from Chetumal was proclaimed champion, while in the Beginner modalities, the champions were Erick Medina in Classic Bodybuilding; Nayeli Bajaras in the Bikini Games; Erick Medina and Carlos Leal won in the Physical Beginners A and B, respectively; Thalía Martínez was a monarch in the Bikini Beginners; and in Men’s Physique the winners were José Rajas in A and Juan Valdez in B.

The champion in the Wellness Beginners was Paola Torres; Erick Medina also triumphed in the Classic Physique Beginners; Jimena Espinosa won the Youth Bikini; and Esloan Alcocer took the scepter in the Juvenile Physique.

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