Being Shredded With 12 Percent Body Fat Left a Fitness Influencer Unhappy and Full of Regrets – Here’s Why?

Brendan and Cam Jones found the Goal Guys YouTube channel. They often challenge themselves to reach the goal of learning a skill. However, the brothers set a time limit for every challenge they take on. “We are two brothers who take on different goals in fitness and productivity.” reads their YouTube channel description. In 2021, Brendan Jones took on a 100-day challenge to improve his fitness and get ripped. While the bodybuilding transformation thrilled him, he began regretting his decision a year later.

The Goal Guys published a video on 30 December 2022 titled “Why I Regret Getting Shredded.” In the video, Brendan shared that he continued to exercise after his initial transformation in 2021. He also explained he felt great as he made progress, gradually building muscle while reducing body fat. However, he began regretting his decision when he hit 12% body fat.

Why did a shredded bodybuilding physique make the fitness influencer unhappy?


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“If I felt this good about the progress I had made, I would only continue to look and feel better,” Brendan Jones explained in the video. Hence the fitness influencer stuck to his diet and workout regime. However, when he hit 12% body fat, Jones saw he had nearly achieved the “washboard abs” look. However, he didn’t know that the quest to get the look would fill him with regret.

Jones explained that he ramped up his workout and tightened up his diet. However, no matter how much Jones tired, he couldn’t eliminate the pouch of fat across his lower abdomen. “Trying to get shredded shifted my focus away from all the things I liked about myself and turned those areas into a moving target that I never felt like I was actually hitting,” said Jones.

Despite knowing everyone holds body fat in different areas, seeing other influencers with higher body fat percentages achieve the “washboard” look demotivated Jones. He felt horrible about his physique and even considered taking steroids. However, Jones decided against it and changed his approach to diet and training.

Focusing on a different goal

In his quest to achieve the perfect shredded bodybuilding physique, Jones realized his progress had halted. Instead of feeling energetic, his strength stagnated, and his cardio suffered. Jones found it hard to perform the muscle-ups he had mastered. So the fitness influencer failed back.



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“I’m much happier trying to stay in a 13 to 15 percent body fat range,” said Jones. After increasing his calorie intake, Jones’s performance improve. He got his strength back and felt stronger. Jones now gets excited about training and feels fitter.


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