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Best Dumbbell Only Chest Workout

    Let’s go today with a complete chest workout for which you only need some dumbbells, a bench and the desire to push your pectorals to the limit. As? Slowing down the eccentric phase of the exercises to the maximum, taking care of the technique and nailing the number of series and repetitions. A routine courtesy of fitness influencer and personal trainer Borja Sanfelix. Go on! (The 15 best chest exercises to train your pecs).

    Remember that the chest, like the back or the legs, can be trained a couple of times a week as it is a large muscle group that supports a high volume of work.

    best dumbbell chest workout


    1- Incline press with dumbbells: 4 series of 6 to 10 repetitions.

    Make sure that the dumbbells brush against your shoulders with each repetition.

    2- Press hex plus flat openings: 4 series of 15 repetitions.

    Two chained exercises to congest the chest to the maximum.

    3- Declined Press: 4 series of 10 repetitions.

    For the lower part of your pecs. Double objective: to give them shape and define them.

    4- Press hex plus inclined openings: 4 series of 12 repetitions.

    This time with the bench inclined to affect the upper part of your chest.

    5- Frontal chest elevations: 4 series of 10 repetitions.

    Try to slow down each repetition as much as possible to notice the congestion in your chest.

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