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BH Fitness launches the new Exercycle Connect app

  • BH Fitness launches the new Exercycle Connect app, the perfect complement to your smart bike, Exercycle Smart Bike.

BH Fitness has always been committed to customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of its products. Since the launch of the Exercycle Smart Bikethe Basque company has been listening carefully to the feedback from its customers and has worked tirelessly to improve their training experience.

In response to customer requests, BH Fitness has launched Exercycle Connect, a new app that extends the functions of the Exercycle Smart Bike. BH Fitness has managed to implement the improvements most requested by customers in the Exercycle Connect, demonstrating its dedication to satisfying the needs of its users.

Exercise Connect allows cyclists to take their workouts to a new level, thanks to its ability to track, analyze and share the training carried out on the Exercycle Smart Bike. The app has a visual interface that allows you to see the real-time session data, including work by intensity colors.

Besides, cyclists will be able to register and have a history of their performance in the appand export it to Strava, Apple Health and Google Fit. In addition, the Exercycle Smart Bike is now compatible with Bluetooth chest straps in use via the app.

Thus expanding the training measurement and analysis options for cycling enthusiasts. Additionally, a section is included in the app on cyclist records and totals.

The application is free for all those who have purchased an Exercycle Smart Bike, and is available in the Apple Store and Google Play. However, Smart Bikes with a serial number prior to AH332690 will require a monitor update for proper operation.

BH Exercise Connect

BH Fitness has a technical service team that will help and facilitate the process of updating the monitor to all those who request it. For this, a specific form has been enabled that will support all those who want to make their Smart Bike compatible with the new Exercycle Connect App.

BH Fitness is committed to always offering the best products and services to its customers, and the new Exercycle Connect app is proof of this. With it, cyclists will be able to improve their performance and achieve their training goals in a more effective and controlled way.

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