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Big Ramy was robbed of the title at the Arnold Classic?

    Samson Dauda, ​​the ‘Nigerian Lion’, was the surprising winner of the last Open at the Arnold Classic, ahead of favorites like Nick Walker and, above all, the Egyptian bodybuilder Big Ramy, double champion of Mister Olympia in the years 2020 and 2021. It’s okay that Dauda presented an almost perfect physique, brutal at the muscular level and symmetries! But many experts agree that Ramy had improved a lot since the last Olympia and deserved to have taken the title at the Arnold.

    And these images of Bir Ramy on stage show some significant improvements, both in legs and upper body, and in definition, compared to his appearance at the Las Vegas event last December. The truth is that both Ramy and his coach agreed that they did not reach the last Mister Olympia with the best body, somewhat overweight, without the necessary definition and weak on stage. (The 15 strongest and most muscular bodybuilders in history).

    Big Ramy’s Stem Cell Treatment

    After being treated for a few weeks with stem cells, he now looks as big as in the past, but his muscle quality is better and he is back to the mountain of muscles he was in the past when he did a double in the Open.

    Now, he will take a few months off, to regain volume and muscle gains for the end of the year, when the Olympia is held again and he will be able to try to recover the title.

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