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Bikini bodybuilding legend Ashley Kaltwasser is coming off an impressive performance at the 2023 Arnold Classic earlier this month. In a recent video uploaded on YouTube, Kaltwasser shared tips on preparing for contests during a fan Q&A session.

Ashley Kaltwasser has cemented her place in the history books as the most decorated IFBB Pro Bikini competitor of all time. She first made headlines for her muscle shape, symmetry, and presence in 2013. She scored gold at the Powerhouse Classic and the Toronto Pro Supershow en route to winning the Mr. Olympia Bikini competition in her maiden appearance.

Kaltwasser proved to be a dominant champion as she successfully defended the title two times in a row. She went on a rampage in 2014 and took home the top prize at each event she participated in, except for the New York Pro. She also racked up two Arnold Classic titles (2014, 2015) in the process.

The 34-year-old fell out of favor with the Olympia judges in 2016. Kaltwasser could not do enough to ward off fellow Bikini standout Courtney King and dropped down to fourth place behind runner-up Angelica Teixeira and top-three finisher India Paulino. She decided to stay on the sidelines for the 2017 season and even skipped Mr. Olympia to recharge mentally and avoid burnout.

Kalttwasser made a triumphant comeback with victories at the Vancouver Pro, Battle in the Desert, and Mile High Pro the following year. She continued battling it out at the highest level and maintained an action-packed schedule that saw her compete in 26 shows over 2021 and 2022. She came out on top of the 2022 Arnold Classic UK and finished third at the 2022 Mr. Olympia.

Her latest appearance happened at the 2023 Arnold Classic, which wrapped up a few weeks ago in Columbus, Ohio. Kaltwasser turned in a strong showing and placed fourth.

Ashley Kaltwasser shares tips for contest prep – bloating, water intake, artificial sweeteners & food cravings

In a recent YouTube video, Ashley Kaltwasser shared tips on how to improve contest prep.

Solution for bloating

Having been one of the most consistent athletes in the sport, Kaltwasser understands how her body responds to certain foods better than most people. She recommended using magnesium and avoiding artificial sweeteners to counter bloating.

“I’ve competed for so long that I do kind of have a good idea of what to eat and what not to eat when it comes to bloating,” said Kaltwasser. “There’s a few artificial sweeteners out there that kinda get me bloated, like allulose or sugar alcohol.

“One thing that’s helped really keep my digestion consistent is magnesium. Liquid magnesium has done wonders for me. It was a freaking miracle. I’ve been taking magnesium every single night and it has worked like a charm.”

Water & Sodium intake

Ashley Kaltwasser opened up on manipulating water intake leading up to a competition. She revealed she doesn’t do anything different with her sodium.

“I will drink two gallons all the way up to the day before the show. The only time my water changes is show day itself. I don’t want to go on stage with two gallons of water in my stomach. I’d be peeing all the time, my stomach would look bloated, and in bikini, you need to have a small little waistline.

“I don’t cut water. I don’t do anything with my sodium either.”

Are artificial sweeteners okay during prep?

Ashley talked about her experience trying artificial sweeteners in prep versus without. She believes there wasn’t a notable difference.

“I used to take out all sweeteners like the week of the show. But I’ve come to discover it doesn’t really make a difference. I’ll take Stevia all the way up to show day. I have Stevia in my coffee today. It seems to do well with my body and I think it’s safe for most people. But I’m not going to be having sugar alcohol or anything that’s going to make me bloated the day before the show.”

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Curbing food cravings

Kaltwasser suggests chewing more gum and brushing your teeth after a meal to reduce food cravings.

“If anything I would say gum. I chew a lot of gum. Usually, two packs a day of gum. That really helps me with my cravings as well, Crystal Light and sugar-free Jell-O for sweet cravings. Also, brushing your teeth right after a meal can help as well to kind of get that taste out of your mouth. If I’m craving something salty, I’ll just do veggies like crisp up some cauliflowers in the fryer.”

Ashley Kaltwasser opened up on her insane work ethic earlier this month. She prefers to stay active in competition to stay focused and not lose motivation while waiting for a show. She stands as the most winningest Bikini athlete in the history of Olympia contests.

You can watch the full video below.

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