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American bodybuilder Matthew Greggo has been on the rise in the IFBB Pro League over the last few years. Much like most other competitors, Greggo has come a long way in his bodybuilding journey. In a recent post made on Instagram, Greggo inspired fans with an epic 10-year body transformation picture highlighting the difference in his physique over time. 

Matthew Greggo is one of the fastest-growing athletes in the sport. Having found his passion for lifting weights in his teenage years, he embarked on a mission to become a bodybuilder. He dominated the competition in his debut to win the top prize at the 2016 NPC Lehigh Valley Championships under the NPC league. He continued to gain experience with several contest participations and worked his way up the ranks. After narrowly missing out on gold at the 2020 NPC Universe & National Fitness Championships, Greggo managed to earn a pro card in the IFBB Pro League eventually. 

Greggo gained attention for his impressive upper body muscle mass, definition, and overall symmetry in the Men’s Physique division. He turned in a strong showing at the 2021 IFBB Optimum Classic Pro, where he took bronze behind runner-up Rodrigue Chesnier and winner Arya Saffaie. Then, he made his way to the 2021 DC Pro and closed his rookie season with a promising performance at the 2021 Europa Orlando.

Greggo turned heads with his insane package at the 2022 Atlanta Pro last year. He showcased his potential with a sixth-place finish in a stacked lineup. He followed up with another solid appearance at the 2022 Chicago Pro before concluding his run at the 2022 Tampa Pro, where he battled it out with Mr. Olympia contender Andre Ferguson.

Matthew was last seen in action at the 2023 New York Pro last month. He chose to switch gears and made a splash in the Classic Physique division instead of his traditionally favored Men’s Physique class. He rounded out the top six in his maiden Classic Physique outing.

Matthew Greggo inspires with epic 10-year body transformation

In a recent Instagram post, Matthew Greggo inspired fans with an epic 10-year body transformation snap showcasing the difference in his physique from when he started to now that he’s an elite IFBB pro competitor.

“10 YEARS OF WORK,” wrote Greggo.

It’s hard to imagine how different competitors looked before they picked up bodybuilding. While many focus on the end result, it’s inspiring to get insight into the dedication, discipline, patience, and work ethic it takes to become a top athlete in the game. 

In June 2020, Men’s Open standout William Bonac showed off his impressive body transformation nine years after starting his bodybuilding career. It was stunning to see the amount of size Bonac had packed on and how different he looked while competing as an amateur bodybuilder.

Former Arnold Classic champ Nick Walker gave fans a look into his bodybuilding progress with a crazy transformation earlier this year. For someone who’s considered a freak in a division full of some of the freakiest mass monsters in the world, it was shocking to see where he started and to comprehend how far he’d come in the sport.

Former 212 Olympia champ Derek Lunsford motivated fitness enthusiasts with his incredible body transformation last month. Lunsford, the 2022 Mr. Olympia runner-up, juxtaposed his contemporary look to his early days of competition to highlight the amount of muscle mass he’s packed on as of late. 

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If his track record is any indication, Matthew Greggo will continue to improve at a rapid pace and may soon find himself competing with the very best of the sport, whether it be in Men’s Physique or Classic Physique.

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