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Vitaliy Ugolnikov, well known as ‘Good Vito,’ continues to gain momentum despite having yet to earn an invite to 2023 Mr. Olympia. In a recent Bro Chat Podcast, Iain Valliere and Fouad Abiad discussed Vito’s potential in the IFBB Pro League and his chances against other Olympia contenders. 

Ugolnikov’s entrance into bodybuilding was filled with excitement. He came from the IFBB Elite Pro League last year and switched to the NPC, similar to the path Michal Krizo took. His impact was immediately felt as he claimed his IFBB Pro card at the 2022 Musclecontest International Brazil Nationals. At the event, Vito displayed a stunning display of mass, conditioning, and fullness. 

Good Vito’s huge arms and quads also set him apart from his peers. His physique has gone viral online as a result of some impressive updates. And with the hype he’s gained over the past several months, fans continue to back him as a legitimate wild card at Olympia, assuming he earns his invitation. 

Currently, Ugolnikov is in preparation to bring his best at the upcoming 2023 European Pro Championships. In addition to progress videos and photos, Vito has kept fans up to date on his journey by showing off posing routines as well. 

Iain Valliere, Fouad Abiad Debate Potential of Vitaliy ‘Good Vito’ Ugolnikov

According to Valliere, bodybuilders in North America don’t want to stand against Good Vito on stage. 

“Every bodybuilder in North America thinks that exact same thing [I don’t want to go against this guy],” said Iain Valliere

“Vito is kind of that same build as Hadi…” said Fouad Abiad. 

As for possible weaknesses, Valliere and Abiad agree Vito needs to strengthen his back. 

“Yeah, but Vito is not nearly as strong in the back and the conditioning department as some of those guys you just named. Look, from the front double, is this guy an absolute fuc**ng freak,” replied Iain Valliere. 

“If he has a shallower back than the others that doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t stand with them,” Abiad explained. 

“I don’t think he has a bad back, but it’s definitely one of the more important factors. I’m not saying this guy doesn’t have a back, I’m just saying in the context of being in that top five, you know,” Valliere shared

Vito must earn an invite for 2023 Olympia by winning a pro show. If he’s successful, Abiad believes he can threaten contenders at the competition with improved conditioning. 

“I would like him to stand up more on that though [side chest pose],” Iain added. “Not a bad back. Fuc**ng shit, fuc**ng crap. I meant back double but that’s still a really good back lat spread.” 

“The only thing I would say is he looks like he has enough muscularity, but he looks like he has to get his condition up to stand up [on the Olympia stage],” shared Abiad. 

“His legs are just outrageous,” added Valliere. “Look at the fuc**ng muscularity on that guy. Yeah, [he’s] very young.” 

Having credited Vito’s back, arms, and quads, Valliere and Abiad agree he’s a dark horse at the 2023 Olympia should he earn an invitation. 

“Well, honestly, that’s my dark horse at the Olympia,” said Abiad. 

“Could be, for sure,” replied Valliere. “He’s 12 weeks out, he’s doing one of the later European shows I think. At least I think. He just posted an update.” 

While Vito has yet to test himself on an IFBB Pro League stage, he’ll get the chance very soon. His presence in the league has already generated a lot of chatter. In a recent Olympia TV video, bodybuilding judge Terrick El Guindy pointed out a few rising stars in the Open. One of them was Ugolnikov. Chris Cormier also praised Good Vito for his youth and potential, predicting that he’d shake up the category in the future. 

Considering Vito’s monstrous build, fans online have accused him of doctoring or photoshopping pictures. In response to the allegations, Ugolnikov shared a follow-up video where he went on to disprove the unfounded remarks. 

Even though he’s yet to make waves in North America, it appears it’s only a matter of time until fans see Good Vito on the sport’s biggest stages. He has until Oct. 9 to earn his invite to the 2023 Mr. Olympia competition. As for Iain Valliere, he qualified after his win against Hassan Mostafa at the recent Toronto Pro Supershow in June. 

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You can watch the full video from the Fouad Abiad Media YouTube channel below: 

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