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Border Collie Makes the Most Tender Gesture Toward Mom While Meeting New Baby

This brings tears to the eyes.

It’s always such a joy to introduce your new baby to your pets, realizing that this new life you have brought into the world will one day fall in love with your fur-babies as much as you have. Dogs do so many wonderful things for kids, like teach them empathy and provide them with companionship and even reduce stress. It’s such a special relationship.

TikTok account holder @Wheway15 recently welcomed a new baby home and the reaction of her sweet dog is just too touching. Watch this and see if you think the dog actually realizes what an important moment this is because we sure think he does.

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TikTok users absolutely adore this sweet scenario and @BriElizabeth957 speaks for the dog and comments, “It’s almost as if the dog is touching your arm saying “Wow, look at her, I’m so proud of you.” Awww, it really does. @TammyPetrov says, “Congratulations on becoming parents, your fur-baby just fell in love with its new human. They’re going to be besties.” @B responds, “I think that dog just fell in love with their new best friend.” @Sandeepdhami sweetly says, “This makes me so emotional. Beautiful moment.”

It’s so special having a child grow up with a pet. We are sure these sweet dogs and baby will make a lifetime of memories together.

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