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Bruschetta Italian Burgo cheese with tomatoes,…

The bruschetta is a typical Italian dish, known as antipasti, or appetizer. It is usually made in a type of oven known as brustolinebut it can be done without an oven.

It consists of adding to slices of toasted bread that have been rubbed with garlic and placed on the griddle or grill to brown. Drizzled with olive oil, paprika and salt.

This recipe is a variation of the bruschetta traditional, but which contains very Italian ingredients such as cheese, in this Burgo cheese to give it a lighter touch, cherry tomatoes and rocket leaves, with olive oil.

The word “bruschetta” (to the plural “bruschette” in Italian) comes from the verb “bruscare” of the Roman dialect, equivalent to the Italian word “abbrustolire”, which means to toast.

bruschetta Burgo cheese Italian style with tomatoes, arugula and pesto sauce

Time: 1 0 MINS

Difficulty: LOW

For 2 persons


• 1 72 g tub of Burgo de Arias Original

• 1 slice of bread

• Candied Cherry Tomatoes

• Arugula

pesto sauce:

• 30 gr. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• 40 gr. of nuts

• Pinch of salt

• And a good handful of basil leaves


• Start preparing the pesto. To do this, introduce all the necessary ingredients in the blender glass and blend them until you get a paste.

• Toast the bread and with the help of a knife spread a layer of pesto sauce on top.

• Cut the Burgo de Arias Original cheese into slices and place it on top of the pesto.

• Lastly, add three candied cherry tomatoes and a few rocket leaves on top.

Recipe and image of Burgo de Arias. An Italian recipe, very fitness, but simple and healthy, to share a snack with whoever you love the most.

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