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Business Fitness: Webinar Reset given by Chano Jiménez

2023 is extremely complex for a sector, that of fitness, in constant boiling. The energy, inflationary difficulties and, in general, the complex European economic environment, are added to the incessant increase in the offer of sports services. This situation, in which fitness operators need to increase customer retention and recover their profit margins, raising their average tickets, is a real challenge.

However, the expert SPORTS CONSULTING Chano Jiménez has spent several years working on the development and implementation of different membership formats that imply longer durations and packaged services that result in a lifetime value much higher.

Given which, combining the experience in the sector, of more than 30 years as an entrepreneur and consultant, with his most recent studies and analyzes of the sector and its environment, he has developed a series of proposals, already implemented with numerous operators, which he will present at your next webinar.

Organized by the consultancy Chano Jiménez Business Booster (see), next Thursday, February 16, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. CET (UTC+1), the RESET Reconfigure your services webinar will be offered to upload your ticket and your retention.

The event is aimed at Owners, Managers, Personal Trainers of Fitness Businesses (Fitness and Wellness Clubs, Gyms, Gym boutiques and Fitness Studios).


The speaker has an extensive career that includes:

The degrees of Doctor in Economics, Degree in Physical Activity Sciences. Postgraduate in Neuromarketing, with several Masters, author of the books VENDED MALDITOS BENDITOS, DIGITAL ATTRACTION and STRATEGIC FITNESS MARKETING (imminently published), International Speaker and Consultant (with clients who are top leaders in the premium segment in their countries such as Zonafit in Paraguay or Bodytech in Colombia, Peru and Chile).


16:00 to 17: Conference The basis of your proposal:

  • Economic justification of the sale of macrocycles.
  • The need of the macrocycle for the client.
  • Your method and branding as a competitive advantage.
  • Your targets by pain points.

17:00 to 17:15 Rest.

17:15 to 18:15 The configuration of your membership table:

  • Membership typologies by client profiles.
  • Definition of welcome pack and recurring services.
  • Study of prices and forms of payment.
  • Profitability study by modalities.

18:15 to 18:30 Question time.

Price €125 and registered before February 9 only €92.

Those interested can expand information and register on the page

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