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buttock exercises: The most effective exercises to strengthen and define the thighs and buttocks

One of the parts of our body that suffer the most over the years are
legs and buttocks. That’s where it starts to build up.
fat due to the hormonal changes that we suffer and it is difficult to get rid of it just with a change in our
feedingsince removing the
localized fat it’s complicated. But you can help yourself with specific exercises to end
the cartridge belts, lift the buttocks and smooth cellulitethree of our main concerns.

It is not easy, that has to go ahead. But if you combine one
healthy nutritionavoiding unnecessary fats and sugars, and combine it with sessions of
force and some exercises
specific intended to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks, you can achieve it.

There are many exercises, but some are more
effective What others. We have collected
top six for the results they offer, the amount of
muscles that they imply, their
ease when doing them and, above all, that you can
make them at home, so you have no excuse.

because yes, our
rhythm of life makes it increasingly difficult to take a little time to play sports, but who doesn’t have
20 minutes a day to dedicate to herself? Use those minutes to perform these exercises and you will see how in a short time you begin to see
results. Here they go:

Woman exercising buttocks/Photo by OLGA Волковицкая on Pexels

Pystol Squat or one leg squat

If you are a beginner, it is best that
you hold on somewhere to perform this exercise, such as on a bar or railing, and stand with your
hip slightly back. Bend the knee of the leg that you have resting on the ground and seek to form an angle of
90 degrees with respect to the ground, including ankle, knee and buttock. With practice you will be able to perform this exercise.
without holding you to nowhere.


It is a very complete exercise since the
gluteus and the
hamstrings. Stand upright with your hands on your hips and your legs slightly apart. Take a step forward forming an angle of
90 degrees between the thigh and the shinbone and lower until you are about to touch the ground with the knee of the leg that has been left behind. Then, get up to return to the starting position.

downward facing dog

It is one of the
yoga asanas more typical, but it helps to strengthen the
quadriceps and
hamstrings if you hold it for a while with your legs stretched out. To do it correctly, bring your hands a little past shoulder height, open them wide, and plant your toes firmly on the ground. Pushing with your hands towards the ground,
elevates the pelvis and take the weight back, so that you can stretch your arms and back pointing the
buttocks up.

Woman exercising legs /

Photo by Cottonbro Studio on Pexels

glute kick

This exercise works the posterior chain of the lower body, involving the muscles
femoral and the
buttocks. Get in position to
quadruped with the hands just below the shoulders and one leg resting on the ground. With the knee and the leg that you have raised, perform a back kick raising the leg up doing
a curve.


This exercise is ideal for working the
thighs and the
buttocks. Lie on your back with your arms stretched out in the shape of a cross, and
raise the hip keeping the soles of the feet and shoulders on the ground. Hold this position for a few seconds and come down again.

side kick

Lie on a mat on your side, supporting your hand or elbow, whichever is more comfortable. if you support
hands, the difficulty will be greater. From there, support the sole of the foot with the flexed knee of the leg that you are not going to work behind the one that you are going to move. Fully straighten the leg you work with the foot on
extension, taking it off little by little until you feel how the buttocks come off the ground. From that position, she brings the leg back to the
initial position, and from there, upload it again.

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