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Cabanillas has a climbing wall in the Fitness Center

Cabanillas launches a new public sports kit. The town already has a fantastic climbing wall for indoor “artificial” climbing, which has been installed in recent weeks inside the new Municipal Fitness Center, a building that in turn was inaugurated on November 16

The new climbing wall has involved an investment of 43,000 euros, which was financed with the Budget of last year 2022, and its installation has been carried out by the company in the sector “Shaper Walls”, according to a project signed by the industrial technical engineer, specialist in these facilities, Pedro Antonio González Sánchez.

The mayor, José García Salinas, accompanied by the deputy mayor, Luis Blanco, and the two councilors of the City Council’s Sports area (Mari Carmen Martínez and María Soria), visited the new sports facility this Thursday, March 9, to check the result of the works. The municipal representatives have been accompanied by the municipal sports coach José Cerón.

“Some time ago we made the commitment to provide the town with this climbing wall, a type of sports facility that the town had lacked until now, which forced several fans of the discipline to move to other municipalities. The recent launch of the Municipal Fitness Center has allowed us to dedicate a very interesting space inside to this kit. I believe that the result is certainly spectacular, as well as being very aesthetic and colourful”, the mayor has assessed regarding the new climbing wall.

García Salinas wanted to recall that the climbing wall, and the Fitness Center itself, are not the only modern and state-of-the-art sports facilities opened in Cabanillas in recent months, since in February 2022 a new “skate park” was opened in the Elena de la Cruz Park; and last September the spectacular “pump track” of this same green area was also inaugurated. Regarding the new Fitness Center, inaugurated in November of last year, Salinas wanted to highlight the fact that in only 4 months of operation, the facility has achieved that the number of users of the Municipal Fitness Program has almost doubled, going from 750 people registered, to more than 1,200 today. As for the imminent future, the City Council’s commitment is now to build the new Municipal Aquatic Center, whose architectural project has already been completed and delivered, and whose works will go out to tender in the coming days, with an investment of more than 5 million euros.

As for the new Cabanillas climbing wall, it should be noted that it has an area of ​​90 square meters, and is installed on a wall 6.2 meters high. The material of the base structure is a wooden frame anchored to the concrete of the wall, and on top of it, wooden panels with different inclinations have been installed, and on top of them, the grip and support elements typical of this type of facilities, which create different paths or “ways” to practice sport climbing.

The Department of Sports is already organizing the timetable for the facility to offer the first climbing courses in the town in the coming weeks, and planning the time use of the new facility for free practice by climbing fans.

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