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Can Stress Cause a Broken Heart?

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Researchers have discovered a link between stress and a uncommon, however momentary coronary heart situation often known as broken-heart syndrome, in accordance with a research revealed Friday within the European Heart Journal.

With takotsubo syndrome (TTS)—also called broken-heart syndrome—sturdy feelings set off the guts muscle tissues to instantly weaken. The end result: heart-attack-like signs, together with chest pains and breathlessness. In worst case situations, broken-heart syndrome could cause deadly coronary heart assaults.

In individuals with broken-heart syndrome, weakened coronary heart muscle tissues trigger the left ventricle to balloon out on the backside whereas remaining slender on the high. TTS was first described in 1990, and former research discovered that intense grief, anger, or concern—and even sturdy reactions to joyful occasions—can set off this uncommon coronary heart malfunction. Broken-heart syndrome is especially prevalent amongst women, researchers say, with solely 10 p.c of instances occurring in males.

What causes broken-heart syndrome?

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital discovered that heightened exercise within the amygdala, the a part of the mind related to feelings and stress response, is linked to broken-heart syndrome. The research authors had 104 individuals endure PET-CT scans between 2005 and 2019. They discovered that individuals who developed TTS over time had greater stress-related amygdala exercise in the course of the preliminary scan. The larger the exercise in nerve cells within the almond-shaped cluster of cells, the earlier TTS can develop.

The amygdala can be concerned in regulating coronary heart operate. Reducing stress appears to minimize the amount of the amygdala—particularly the correct amygdala, which is related to unfavorable feelings and reactions. Researchers assume stress administration could also be key to stopping coronary heart situations resembling broken-heart syndrome.

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Yoga may help stop TTS

The excellent news is that there’s yoga for that.

Meditation and yoga appear to cut back the dimensions of the amygdala, in accordance with a completely different study carried out within the Netherlands. The researchers discovered that, whereas individuals who follow yoga reported experiencing stress—in some instances, much more than individuals who don’t—greater than 90 p.c of them stated that yoga helped them deal with it extra successfully.

The yoga practitioners additionally had smaller proper amygdala quantity. In traumatic conditions, a yogi’s mind exercise shifts from the amygdala, the place emotions are regulated, to the prefrontal cortex, the pondering a part of the mind. Researchers say that extra research is required to make clear the hyperlinks between stress-related mind exercise and coronary heart health, however analysis continues to assist the optimistic impression of yoga on health. 

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