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Can You Actually Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor?

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For many people, the phrase “Kegel” entered our lexicon when Samantha Jones proclaimed she was “doing [them] right now” on Sex and the City. But relating to your pelvic flooring—the three layers of muscular tissues that lie like a hammock out of your pubic bone to your tailbone, supporting the perform of your bladder, bowels, and genitals—retaining it in optimum form goes far past the occasional squeeze at a stoplight.


“Just like you can strengthen your biceps, you can do exercises that work on your pelvic floor muscles,” says Alexandra DiGrado, DPT, a pelvic flooring bodily therapist in Boston. Such therapists work with purchasers who are suffering from incontinence, constipation, ache, or muscle malfunction within the pelvic area, in addition to postpartum musculoskeletal circumstances. Beyond muscle strengthening, therapies embody leisure exercises, handbook remedy, warmth and chilly therapies, food regimen adjustments, and electrical stimulation to assist muscular tissues contract.

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