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Carolina Iglesias challenges Women’s Health with this strength routine

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    Carolina Iglesias You don’t know how seriously we take things at Women’s Health and it’s just that the gauntlet is thrown at us and we pick it up quickly. We had known for days that the Galician comedian had signed up for a gym to start doing sports disciplinedly and finally surrender to the training because through his Instagram stories we had seen several videos in which he told us (he complained) about how hard the fitness life.

    Well, today has arrived ultimate graphic test that he has really put his batteries in the gym. Carol has uploaded a post in which we have seen her training hard with a strength routine prepared by her personal trainer, from the team of @jgfitnesscoaching, and we have to say that it is not bad at all for being a beginner. Let’s see.

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    From Women’s Health We confirm that Carolina is on the right track and the truth is that with this mini sample of the routine we can ensure that she will have returned home with some good shoelaces. The text that accompanies the publication is causing us… Will it be a good time for a WH challenge?

    The journalist Mónica Carrillo has raised it to Carolina in the comments of the post. Other friends of the podcaster, such as Andrea Duro or the athlete Susana Rodríguez, have also written on it.

    carolina iglesias women's health challenge


    The exercises of this Carolina Iglesias training

    • sumo squat with kettlebelll: it is a slightly more open squat than usual in which a kettlebell is used, adapted to the weight that you are able to take, to add resistance to the movement.
    • arm plank Extended alternating legs: in a plank position with arms extended, alternate raising your legs to work the core area, bringing strength to the abdomen.
    • Set-ups with dumbbells: consists of going up and down from the Cross Fit box (you can also use a classic step) adding the resistance of the weight of the dumbbells.
    • Work with elastic bands to strengthen the back and shoulders: Carolina is doing it with a gym machine in which she adds weight as resistance but you can replicate it at home with some elastic bands.
    • shoulder press: back and shoulder work with dumbbells from a seated position.
    • climbers: resistance work on a mat to hit the abdomen. The movement is the same as if you were climbing a mountain but on the mat. Adapt the speed to your capacity.
    • Weighted forearm work: to do it at home, without a gym machine, use some resistance bands.
    • touch of ankles: a basic exercise for abdominal work. It is as simple as lying on your back with your legs semi-flexed and arms stretched out along your body until you touch your ankles with your fingertips with alternating lateral movements.


      Skechers to train in the gym



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