Celebrity fitness coach Akin Akman shares his top fitness tips

Akin Akman is a name that is synonymous with celebrity fitness trainers and with good reason. Based in NYC for over two decades, he is the co-founder of the brand, AARMY which involves boot camp, cycle, stretch, and inspiration practices frequented by various public figures and artists.

In the past, among them was Priyanka Chopra Jonas, whom he has trained for a handful of sessions, briefly. “She is really genuine and down-to-earth with an outstanding attitude in the gym,” he says as he reflects on the experience. Currently taking his sessions around the world, Vogue catches up with Akin Akman on the Mumbai leg of his tour to learn from his best fitness advice—here’s what we found out:

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Develop an exercise regimen that you enjoy

When you are beginning your fitness journey, it helps to give a few different modalities and sports a try. Then, stick with the workout program, sport and coach that really speaks to you by consistently showing up for it. When you’re ready, your coach will be able to help you up your frequency or intensity.

Listen to your coach

Things can seem daunting when you are working out for the first time, but know that your coach will guide you, so make sure you are listening and open to learning. Take your time, allow yourself the space and the patience to start and you will find that you can do a little bit more each time you go back.

Focus on your diet

Depending on the type of workout you plan to do, you will want to ensure that your pre-workout diet can offer you the support you need in the gym. If you’re doing cardio or endurance conditioning, you have two hours to eat good carbs, such as avocado, and good fats, such as sweet potatoes, that will fuel your workout and help with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after the workout.

Stay committed

It might be difficult to stay committed to your fitness regimen during periods of high indulgence, such as the party season and holidays. But when you start making your workouts a priority, this will shift on its own. You’ll find yourself designing your life around your exercise sessions, and not the other way around.

Be kind to yourself

You do not need to come in and try to do everything at once. Some days, you will need to take comfort in the fact that you did your best and your best is valid. Start by building short-term, digestible goals and then work your way up to your long-term vision. Your goals in your workout should also be deeper than your physical goals. How you build the specific skill set you’re working on will then become the blueprint of achieving your dreams.

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