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Charlene de Monaco, like Letizia, with muscled arms

Arms of steel! Charlene of Monaco and Queen Letizia have become benchmarks in the fitness trend with their impressive muscular and toned arms. Both royals have surprised everyone with their athletic figure and their passion for the fitness life, and it is that their exercise routines and training have given great results that do not go unnoticed.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, at 45, boasted of contoured and muscular arms during her recent appearance at the Golden Nymph Awards, within the framework of the Monte Carlo Television Festival. Her past as an Olympic swimmer has left her with an enviable and toned figureso it is not surprising that she has impressive arms

Charlene’s dedication and physical recovery

Presiding over the ceremony in Monaco, Charlene wore an elegant sleeveless trench-dress by Akris in navy blue. Alberto de Mónaco’s wife complemented this look with dazzling jewelry, a choker set and diamond earrings that enhanced her gala look, showing that, without a doubt, the former swimmer knows how to elevate her style to the most high. However, what caught the most attention was her figure. And although it has been speculated that the South African had gained weight due to a series of medications that she is taking, the truth is that she has shown that, after having lost a lot of muscle mass after her illness, now she has regained her strength and her toned and muscular figure that has always characterized her.

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And if we talk about toned arms, we cannot fail to mention Queen Letizia, 50 years old.. The wife of Felipe VI whenever she has the opportunity, she boasts of fit arms that reflect her dedication and effort in physical training. Even the renowned British medium ‘Daily Mail’ has highlighted her impressive muscle tone.

Lydia Valentín, the key to Queen Letizia’s success in her physical form

It has been revealed that one of the people who has contributed to Queen Letizia’s impressive physical shape is Lydia Valentín., Olympic weightlifting champion and National Sports Award. Valentín revealed in statements to Europa Press that the queen has been interested in her training routine. “Yes, she asks me to train. And how do I maintain muscle mass, how she supplemented me, what she drank, how many meals she made, that she has her preparation and so on, but she wanted to know how I did it, ”she said. And she added: “I tell her everything I do and she is open to what we talk about. But she’s very, very high.”

It is not the first time that Letizia and Lydia Valentín have crossed paths. In 2016, the athlete received the National Sports Award from the Queen, sharing the recognition with the canoeist Maialen Chourraut, Olympic champion. Since then, they have maintained a close relationship and the queen has sought advice from Lydia on keeping herself in shape. The parallelism between Charlene of Monaco and Queen Letizia in terms of the toning of her arms is undeniable. Both show that dedication and effort in physical training give visible results. Her example inspires many people to take care of her fitness and pursue a healthy lifestyle, conquering the crown of fitness mania.

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