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Chayanne hits push-ups hard at 54 years old

    “You have to be a bullfighter…”. Oh no, that doesn’t go here now. what it is Chayanne is a top fitness guy at 54 years old. She has shown it in a video that she has shared on her Instagram profile and in which she appears doing push-ups at the foot of her huge pool.

    Although he is not the only famous man over 50 without a shirt who shows off muscles, the truth is that the singer does not usually lavish himself very lightly on the internet or anywhere, which is why he has uploaded this video to his profile on the social network is surprising to say the least. Just as surprising as the stupendous physical shape that he has shown in his over 50 years. He performs the push-ups complying with a perfect technique with which he works the pectorals very hard (check what is the correct technique to do push-ups because doing an exercise wrong can lead to an injury).

    Chayanne shared the video (SEE) in question this past weekend, and as a title he put that “even on weekends we exercise to be with the best attitude all week.”

    Push-ups are one of the classic exercises to work hard on the chest and get a strong chest. It is important to do them well in order to extract from them all the benefits they have for your muscles, including increasing strength, stimulating and accelerating metabolism, and improving our posture and postural hygiene.

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