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PHOENIX — We are kicking off fitness week with a series of stories that hope to motivate and inspire you to get fit physically, financially and mentally.  To do this, I teamed up with celebrity trainer Chris Powell to lead the way and give us a jump start on our goals.  

Keeping your fitness goals:

Most of us have probably set fitness goals for ourselves, but it’s important to stay laser focused and mindful of our goals as we try to set them and achieve them.  

Powell is a celebrity trainer who made his mark, helping countless people transform their lives over the past two decades. He’s accomplished a lot, from his hit show, “Extreme Weight Loss,” to writing several books promoting physical and mental health.  

Now he’s busy with a new podcast, “I Needed That Podcast,” a campaign for a healthier and happier life called “Move One Million,” and an app called “The Transform App.”  

12News tapped into Powell’s passion and expertise about keeping our goals, and he said, “Pick on just a few small things at a time to get 1% better every single day. And that’s how you can progress toward long-term change.”

Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal

S – SPECIFIC- know exactly what you want to achieve

M – MEASURABLE- for example, you want to lose 10 pounds, run a 5k, or get your cholesterol under 200

– ATTAINABLE- be realistic

R – RELEVANT- can you carve time out of your day to make it a priority?

T- TIME-SENSITIVE- give yourself time and a date to actually meet your goal 

Write down that goal

Powell said, “Because if you just say it and kind of sit quietly, then you’re not held accountable to anyone or anything, especially yourself.”  Then you want to physically put that piece of paper or post-it note with your goal on places that will constantly remind yourself to stay on track, like on your fridge, bathroom mirror and car.  

“Again, you want to put it in these strategic places where we feel triggered, because when we’re triggered, we’re in that red zone. All of a sudden, we can take a look at that. And we become much more mindful about our actions,” said Powell.

Get a friend

Yes, it’s that easy.  “Get a gym buddy, a yoga friend, or even a hiking buddy. Whenever you enroll friends in their journey, their chances of long-term success, they rise exponentially,” said Powell.

Bottom line, Powell said to start small. For instance, take a walk outside for 5 minutes to get moving.  Then make that 10, 15, 30 minutes. Gradually increase your goal until you get to where you want to be.

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