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Cindy Crawford has literally rock-hard buttocks at 57

The name of Cindy Crawford marked an entire generation. And, in all honesty, its spectacular silhouette lOr is he still doing it today at 57 years of age?. American supermodel who rose to fame for the rhythm of his footsteps and the movement of his hipsnot only has it become a benchmark when it comes to designing a style, but, with the passage of time, it has also acquired a most inspirational role in the fitness field. Although, how could he not?

In fact, after captivating her followers with her more than toned silhouette and her spectacular curves or encouraging us to bring out our most fit side by recreating the 5 exercises with which she manages to stay in shape (not to mention how she encouraged us to strengthen the obliques with This exercise), Cindy Crawford has passedput it in some way, of level; his silhouette has prompted the creation of a marble sculpture. One where the firmness of her statuesque buttocks has been more than staged. In view is:

Cindy Crawford and her buttocks hard and firm as marble

the spectacular sculpture recreates a Cindy Crawford pose in the late 1980s, a snapshot that, not surprisingly, has left the public speechless because of the incredible resemblance they have and, yes, because respect the incredible and more than representative toning of the supermodel’s buttocks. And it is that, if there is something that cannot be denied (even more after inspiring a marble sculpture for the incredible firmness of his muscles), the thing is Cindy Crawford is passionate about sports.

Yes, in recent years, he has not only managed to inspire us by sharing his skin and hair care routine, but he has also encouraged us to show off a firm abdomen with his routines or toned arms that, with each passing day, they are further away from the bat-wing effect.

Now, what steps have you taken to achieve that sculptural firmness in your buttocks?

The step by step of Cindy Crawford’s statuesque rear

After seeing her recreate her Pepsi ad from 1992, to take a break from the intensity of the exercise she performs to show off her legs, it is inevitable that we wonder: how did she get that firmness?!

First of all, note that if you are trying to increase the volume of your buttocks and you do not succeed despite recreating our infallible tricks… this may be due to three simple reasons and that, unlike other parts of the body, these are the days that there are You have to train glutes to see magnificent results (according to experts). That said, clarify that, although the most effective exercise for your glutes works, cindy crawford prefers to advocate for a simpler movement but that, in sight, transform and activate this area of ​​the body: the stairs!

Of course, it is not about simply going up or down the steps, no. The supermodel carries a weight in each hand on these ups and downs, thereby enhancing movement and, incidentally, activating the upper body. A true all in one that, as can be seen, the model feels fabulous. Bonus tip? To give depth to the movement of your legs, We advise you to opt for ultra-comfortable and flexible clothing as are these leggings available in various colors.

UMIPUBO High waist leggings to enhance the firmness of your buttocks

UMIPUBO High waist leggings to enhance the firmness of your buttocks

Don’t want to climb stairs? So, opt for This routine designed to strengthen the buttocks that, we warn you, it will transform them completely. In fact, we would not be surprised if their evolution led to an incredible change like the one carried out by Joan MacDonald at 77 years of age.

preview for Get ready to hit the buttocks with this routine by Raquel Muñoz
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