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Cintia Cossio imitates a fitness influencer

cintia cossio She has always been characterized by the content she uploads on social networks, not only for her attractive photos and videos but also for the videos with which she usually makes her millions of followers laugh, and which she often does with her husband, Jhoan. López, or with his brother Yeferson Cossio.

Cintia Cossio imitates a fitness influencer

But this time, the content creator decided to post a video in the stories of her official Instagram account, where she has more than six million followers, in which she shows herself wearing a tight blue outfit and pink flip-flops, and so on. she begins to imitate a character that would be a fitness influencer who supposedly always looks good, with makeup, well-groomed, and who apparently never has a bad moment, but who claims that she is just any human being.

“I always look good, I never have a bad moment, I never take my makeup off, I’m never disheveled, that is, I am a human being who even ca&$% looks good,” is what Cintia Cossio says at the beginning of her video.

Cintia Cossio made her fans laugh

Then the content creator gets into the role and starts doing an exaggerated imitation of this type of influencer, so she leans forward and putting on a slightly huskier and softer voice and speaking slowly invites her followers to buy from her. a product, while she tries to be more agreeable and pretends that she is preparing some pancakes with a whisk and a plate in the kitchen.

“Hello girls, well today I want to recommend this pancake shop, as you can see each skull has 25 grams of flour, it’s super healthy, girls, that is, if you really want quality, you can get it here, so you know, click here, if they say they’re from me, 10% discount”, is what Cintia Cossio says in her video, then she raises her waist more and walking on tiptoes moves away from the camera, something that makes her laugh and the woman who is recording it.

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