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“Clara and the Fitness World”

Clara Chia Marti He has been a public person for several months due to the relationship he maintains with Gerard Piquéwho was for 12 years in a relationship with Shakira.

Well, in the midst of so much commotion for Shakira and Gerard Piquéthe young Clara Chia Marti It has also achieved a lot of popularity and affection, to the point of having a large group of followers.

Followers of Clara Chía Martí share a video in the gym

Currently, there are many accounts that provide support to Clara Chia Martiespecially on Twitter, where many photographs of the young woman have gone viral.

Through Twitter, a follower account of Clara Chia Marti released a video that was recorded in 2021, where you can see the young woman in a gym, with a group of friends, giving everything.

In the video you can see how Clara Chia Marti He is exercising and the gym teacher gives him a kind of crown for his good performance.

The description of the video about Clara Chia Marti says the following: “CLARA AND THE FITNESS WORLD. One of her great passions and favorite hobby, the beautiful Clara Chia. We see how her teacher puts a headband on her head, and writes to her that it is a prize, but for a champion!”

The reactions to the video

Although the video has no comments, so far Clara Chia Marti It has received a total of 4,005 views in a short time.

Clara Chia Marti He has a group of followers that is growing little by little, especially on Twitter, where they are always showing information relevant to his life.

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