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Clara Chía is a trend after starring in a fitness video and is trolled: “Clara-mind wants to be distracted”

In social networks, a video where the current partner of Gerard Piqué shines in the gym came to light, and the comments of Shakira’s fans did not wait.

Clara Chía Marti had to talk with her steps in the gym.

They don’t let go! Clara Chía Marti has been in the eye of the storm for a few months after it became known that she allegedly would have been the bone of contention in the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piqué. Since then, many users have not hesitated to repudiate it on social networks, and this happened again.

In Twittera video where the current ex-soccer couple shines in the gym came to light, and the comments of the singer’s fans did not wait, because it is one of the few times where she has been seen.

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It was an account that is a fan of Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti the one who shared the clip where the 22-year-old girl was doing sports with a group of people in a gym. In the images you can see the nice attitude of the woman and her companions, who do not hesitate to play curious jokes on her, wearing a headband made of what appears to be a reindeer and exercising while laughing. “Prize, but for champion,” says one person.

Seeing this clip, followers of Shakira They did not wait and commented that this would be a way for the Spanish to distract herself from the Colombian, who sang LIVE for the first time her song “Shakira: BZRP Music Sessions #53”. “Clearly he wants to be distracted”, was one of the messages on this platform. However, they did not count on the fact that this clip was originally recorded in 2021, when the young woman had not yet had an affair with the former athlete.

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Clara Chía Marti and her desolation after photos with Gerard Piqué at a wedding

Let’s remember that a few days ago, a person told the Spanish press that the former Kosmos worker, Clara Chia Martihad a bad time when she was caught next to Shakira’s ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, looking a little messy, with a messy hairstyle and a dress that did not match the situation. From this fact, she would have been devastated and broken.

“How strong! (Clara Chía) She has arrived (at work) dejected, crying, saying that these photos “have ruined her life,” that “the whole world is criticizing her, they are laughing at her,” she said and confessed that when she found out that He was pleased about her, determining that he had to put up with it because “she has decided to get into a marriage”, was what the source apparently said about the current girlfriend of the former FC Barcelona player.

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