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cold shower: Cold shower, the key to tone your body after exercise

When you’ve sweated, your knees hurt

muscles and the

heart it accelerates you And there are few things more tempting than a quick shower. The best:

cold water between 5 and 10 minutes, no more. It is the secret to fulfill the objective of the

recovery and give a plus to your goal of

define arms and muscles.

Going to the shower after working out is good for you for a number of reasons.

eliminate sweat of your body is essential for your hygiene and

massage your muscles with calming water jets can help prevent the

lactic acid stay

caught on sore muscles.

Shower or bath after the exercise session?

Showering after a workout helps your

muscles recover and increases your body’s ability to recover and be ready for the next workout. This is because the shower can

remove lactic acidthe natural chemical reaction that causes

painoutside the muscles.


small study of 2019 showed that a cold shower helps

decrease heart rate and stress quickly after exercising in a high temperature environment. A steamy hot bath can be great for your muscles after a workout, but a cold shower is actually the

scientifically supported method to better rinse away sweat.

For best results, it is best to start showering with a

lukewarm temperature or moderately warm

after cooling your body with stretching and slow exercise. To him

end of showerapply

cold water in your body to finish your cooling routine.

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Other benefits of showering after exercise

There are some additional proven benefits of showering shortly after exercising. Exercising, especially indoors like a gym or with other people, can create a breeding ground for

bacteria on the skin. When you shower with soap, the sweat

delete along with the

dead cells of the skin that can act as hosts for bacterial invaders.

In addition, it helps

prevent clogged pores. When you exercise, your pores open to release sweat from your sweat glands. These same pores can become clogged with skin cells or traces of sweat if you can’t cleanse your body soon after sweating a lot. Clogged pores can cause

acne breakouts called “sweat beads” as well as

black spots and

white dots.

And more: when you take a shower with cold water, between

5 and 10 minutesyou can give it a

quick boost to your immune system if you do it regularly. Studies show that taking a daily shower that starts with warm water and ends with

30 to 90 seconds of cold water significantly reduces the number of sick days per year.

As a result of that quick cold shower, you will progressively notice how your

arms and

muscles they acquire a

toning plus. It’s a very easy secret to harness, but it’s also backed by science. Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that give you that extra something you were looking for.

Woman taking a shower/PEXELS

How to take a refreshing shower after working out

Once you finish your high-intensity exercise, switch to a gentler form of work for the

cool down part of your workout. This should start

decrease your heart rate. Cooling should last 5-10 minutes. Once your heart rate has started to slow down, begin to

stretch your muscles. This will help remove lactic acid and prevent pain caused by exercise.

Start the shower at a

lukewarm temperature so that

don’t hurt your body with the change of temperature. As your body temperature begins to drop, you can adjust the water to be cooler. Use a

antibacterial soap to wipe sweat and bacteria from your body as your heart rate continues to slow.

During the last 90 seconds of your shower, lower the temperature of the water so that it is

as cold as you can stand. Make sure the water

incise in your

major muscle groups with a cold stream to refresh and revitalize your tired muscles. Finally, dry yourself completely with a

clean towel before putting on your clothes.

Take a

ice bath after exercising you can

reduce the

Muscle inflammationremove the

lactic acid and help the muscles begin the

healing process after strength training. But research shows that this

no better than traditional coolingalthough it is a complementary way for the muscles to recover.

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