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Create your own fitness dashboard on iPhone with Peak

Peak is an iOS application designed and created by the developer Harshil Shah. It offers a new way to keep track of our physical activity goals. Of course, this application is not free. Its price is €1.99 per month or €9.99 per year in the individual plan and €2.99 per month and €17.99 per year in the family plan. Still, if you want to try the App first before deciding, a 7-day free trial is available.

Activity data blocks

At its core, this app is made up of data blocks that show the information that you have previously selected. Each block represents a way to visualize your data. Among the different options for the blocks we have graphs, trends, summaries, recent or aggregate weekly, monthly and annual statistics.

Of all the blocks, perhaps the most popular of this App is that of goals. You can set any number of goals, such as going for a run a certain number of days a week or a month. You can configure it as best suits you.

Topics at Peak

To begin with, there are more than 50 themes to choose from to customize how you want your fitness board to be. In the end, this App offers us an experience similar to that of the native activity application but with the possibility of customizing our board much more, highlighting our objectives and most important information. For me, the App is an example of what the Health App could be on the iPhone if Apple decided to give it a good update. A better organized dashboard where you can access not only fitness data, but also health data, maintaining the structure of widgets.

Although Peak is mainly focused on physical activity data such as the number of daily steps, the number of workouts we do, the kilometers we travel, etc. You can also display specific information about an activity. Let’s take as an example that we have gone for a run. So in Peak we can also visualize the duration of the race, the kilometers, the pace, the speed, the elevation gain and even the heart rate. All this is thanks to the fact that the application integrates perfectly with the health data of our iPhone or Apple Watch and is automatically synchronized.

Widgets and for your iPhone with all the Activity information

One of the most outstanding features of this App in addition to the boards are the widget. So let’s first see how they work. The Peak App is full of widgets that we can use on our iPhone home screen and lock screen. In them we can view all the information on fitness or activity in which we are interested. Best of all, Peak offers us a lot of customization capacity. Therefore, we can not only decide the information that we want to display, we can also choose aspects of the design such as the color of the widget and make it match the wallpaper or the general style that we want to give our iPhone.

If you are a lover of having widgets both on the home screen and on the lock screen of your iPhone, or you are looking for an App that helps you display information about your activity in a different and original way. Then we recommend that you take a look at PeakI’m sure you’ll like it.

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