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Cristina Pedroche’s morning stretches

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    We know that Cristina Pedroche is a faithful lover of the world fitness. He running and yoga are her favorite sports, in which she combines cardio and toning exercises, but also, the presenter goes to the gym regularly to start up routines fullbody or others focused on the upper body, as well as on the area of ​​the core. To all this he adds the stretches with which he welcomes the day, a series of exercises with which he awakens the muscles and prepares them to face the whole day.

    The morning stretches with which the day begins Cristina Pedroche

    Cristina Pedroche begins their mornings with a good dose of energy, and it is that the presenter has shared in a reels on Instagram with her followers, some of the stretching exercises that are essential in her morning routine.

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    A yoga mat, a rubber and a pilates ball they will become the perfect allies to start the stretching of La Pedroche. To begin, the first thing is to sit on the mat and cross your legs to let the trunk flow. This is followed by lateral stretches, hip opening, yoga squat, and psoas and lat stretches. Next it is the turn to include accessories, the first is the Pilates ball to lie face up on it and open the back, in addition to also using the rubber bands to stretch the hamstrings.

    The last part of Cristina Pedroche’s morning stretching combo is one of the most important: the conscious breathingwhere the exercise of the mindfulness. Undoubtedly the perfect finishing touch to put an end to those exercises and start a morning full of energy. We write down all the tips of La Pedroche.

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