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Cross Functional 30′ announces three new gyms for the second semester

The Cross Functional 30′ chain of boutique gyms expects to finish in 2023 with eight sports centers. According to the head of the brand, Javier Ureña, “our priority objective for this year is to focus on the opening we have scheduled in the short term in Sagunto and, later, in those of Tarragona and Castellón scheduled for September”. In any case, this does not leave aside the manager’s interest in increasing the average number of subscribers per study, to go from the current 150 to 200.

The three aforementioned openings will be added to the five that the chain already has in operation. Two of these (both in Sabadell) are owned, while the remaining three, located in Terrassa, Alicante and Irún, are franchised.

The manager has recognized that the new Sagunto study “should already be open, but certain financial problems have delayed the project.”

The five current centers add up, according to data provided by the executive, a combined area of ​​1,000 square meters, employ five workers in total and serve 750 subscribers.


The manager has pointed out the aforementioned growth forecasts in the number of employees of the chain as a sign that “demonstrates the satisfactory evolution of the brand during the first five months of this 2023”. As he added, “this trajectory sets us apart from other operators in the boutique gyms market. In this, hardly any notices of new projects or openings are being registered”.

In any case, Ureña admits that the upward trend in terms of establishments is taking place in traditional gyms, which, as he considers, “are the ones that are currently betting the hardest.”


As for other business objectives to take into account for 2023, the CEO of Cross Functional 30′ assures that “the most relevant today involve anchoring ourselves at the national level and focusing on the openings that we already have scheduled.”

Hence, the option of growing internationally has become a long-term approach. “We like the idea of ​​opening up abroad but currently we don’t have the staff to carry it out. In fact, this option could materialize in 3 or 4 years, but not before”, declares Javier Ureña.

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