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Crys Dyaz shares her pre-workout routine for abs

    Are you one of those who leave cardio for last or do you like to do it as a warm-up to warm up? If you’re one of the latter, you’ll probably get on the treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, or any other machine for a few minutes as an activation before starting your workout. Although, if what you are looking for is maximize your abdomenperhaps it is worth investing those minutes in a activation routine for abs.

    Crys Dyazthe trainer that more and more well-known faces trust to take care of themselves and stay in shape (example: Laura Escanes, Blanca Suárez, Sara Sálamo…), usually shares super useful and effective training routines on her Instagram account and ends up to upload a video ideal pre-workout activation routine to give your abdomen a boost before carrying out your workouts.

    Crys Dyaz’s pre-workout abs routine

    “Monday routine to work ABS”, wrote the trainer in the caption of the photo and then detailed the step by step and the details of the routine. The best of all? It is a training adaptable to any levelsince the execution time and the recoveries can be adjusted to three different levels.

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    • beginner level: 30″ execution per exercise and 30″ rest between exercises.
    • Intermediate level: 45″ execution per exercise and 15″ rest between exercises.
    • Advanced level: 50″ execution per exercise and 10″ rest between exercises.

      The routine is made up of a total of 8 exercises and two laps must be completed. “Do 2 laps prior to your strength training/running/paddle tennis/yoga/golf… to feel like a strong core improves performance, prevents back pain and brings us closer to the result we expect“Crys explains.

      To carry out the routine you only need a mat and a superband. This non-slip mat is very comfortable to do any exercise from the ground and includes a transport bag to take it anywhere.

      Non-slip padded mat with carry bag



      And these rubber superbands have different resistance levels so you can choose the one that best suits your level.

      Rubber superbands with different levels of resistance



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